Family-Owned Greenhouse Donates $1Million in Orchids to Healthcare Workers in 7 Hardest Hit U.S. Cities

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Green Circle Growers of Ohio is honoring America’s healthcare workers by donating $1 million in orchids to frontline caregivers in seven markets hit hardest by the Coronavirus Pandemic: Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Tampa and its home base near Cleveland.

“In this extraordinary time, it was important to our organization to find ways we could contribute and the answer was clear,” said Scott Giesbrecht, Co-CEO of Just Add Ice brand orchids and Green Circle Growers.

“We realized our nation’s healthcare workers have been experiencing some of the darkest days of our lifetimes. If our orchids can provide a bit of joy and color for these very deserving individuals, we felt it was the least we could do during this difficult time.”

More than 50,000 orchids will be delivered to those on the frontline at hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, food banks, and more.

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“We’re especially grateful that we can distribute these orchids in time for Mother’s Day, as so many healthcare workers are standing in for family members who cannot visit their loved ones in person,” added Giesbrecht. “Many are acting as Mothers when a patient’s own Mom can’t be there.”

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Photos by Maksim Axelrod, for Green Circle Growers

Transportation services were also donated and International Paper donated the boxes for transporting the orchids to their final destinations.

“We hope they can bring these flowers home and they can serve as a thoughtful reminder of how much they are appreciated.”

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