With move to rebuild Edge atop Google’s Chromium, Microsoft raises white flag in browser war
After a years-long pummeling, Microsoft this week surrendered in the browser war, saying that it will junk Edge’s home-grown rendering
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Patching waters finally look calm; now is a good time to install the November Windows and Office patches
November’s patches initially appeared relatively innocuous, with a few catastrophic problems in 64-bit Office 2010, which is a bit of
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How iOS developers can build better apps
Things have changed in the iOS economy. While it’s still possible since the 2008 App Store launch for relatively inexperienced
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A Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms:
A Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms:  Now, understand some common terminology in the associate The marketing industry will read and
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Tips to Help you Choose the Right Unity Game Developer in India
Video games have been a very important part of our lives for a long time. With the increasing advancement in
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How do aviation recruitment consultancies work?
The launch of private carriers across the world has resulted in exponential growth of the airline industry. This movement also
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What you need to know about Asus Zenfone Max and Asus Zenfone Selfie
What you need to know about Asus Zenfone Max   A Phone with Impressive Battery Life A phone with a
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free vs premium wordpress themes
Free vs Premium WordPress Themes
free vs premium WordPress themes We’re often asked by beginners the way to select between complimentary vs premium WordPress topics.
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IT Consulting Tips for Being a Successful Consultant
Being a successful consultant is not a very easy task. There are many IT consultants in the present scenario, therefore,
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The type of workforce a company has is the primary determinant of its business prosperity and reputation amongst the customer
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The Ultimate List of LEGO Valentine’s Day Sets
It’s post update time! The next big gift-giving holiday around the corner is Valentine’s Day. With just a little over
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Why are Filipinos so Good at Singing?
From singing competitions on TV and during fiesta to karaoke sessions at home, Filipinos love to sing. We love it
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SEO – Disadvantage of Search Engine Optimization
SEO – Disadvantage of Search Engine Optimization Presumably, the very recognizable disadvantage in using Search Engine Optimization for a company
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Different Pension Types in Nigeria
  Encyclopedia Britannica defines pension as periodic fund payment made to a person who retires from employment due to age,
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National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) -A Brief Info
National Insurance Commission was founded by the National Insurance Commission Act in 1997. It was established with the aim of
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