3 Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Be A Real Estate Mogul!

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I know often times when the stock market plummets, the end result is that the real estate market follows suit.  It’s at that time when people usually jump off of the wagon of real estate and find a different job.  After all, they reason, I have to have an income.  

While that’s understandable, I’m going to argue the exact opposite.  That is; when the market takes a down turn, that’s the exact time that you want to become a real estate agent and start a new career.  Right now you may be thinking that I’m nuts, and that’s ok.  But hang with me and see if you still think that’s the case when I’m done.

Now is the perfect time...
to become a real estate mogul!

Reasons One And Two

Reasons One And Two

When something bad is happening, like a fire, people run out of the building and the fireman runs into the fire.  After all they are there to save the day and potentially lives.  You can consider the same to be true where people are leaving the a particular business, like real estate when the economy goes down.

So what makes a down turn the perfect time?  You get the experience you need and are ready to roll when the economy turns around, and it will turn around, it always does.  If you doubt this look at history.  

Secondly if you know the inside track when the economy is down, you can invest in the homes that you’d like and have someone else pay the mortgage for you.  That’s right, a downturn in the economy is a prime time for you to become a real estate mogul.  If you doubt this, consider companies like Denver Real Estate Moguls that will allow for you to cut your teeth with professionals in the business.

If you are going to be an expert, isn’t the wise thing to do, is to work and train with them? 

Steve Jobs is a wonderful example
of how your life can be changed if you never give up. Remember, winners never quit and quitters never win!!!

3 Reasons Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Be A Real107774

Reason 3 You’ll Reap The Rewards

You’ll reap the rewards of going into a field when everyone else is running out.  One of the things Lance Armstrong said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey when asked why he did so well was simply that he was willing to do the work that others weren’t. 

That same philosophy is true in real estate as well.  Be willing to do the work, even when you don’t want to and you’ll reap those rewards.  That means that you’ll have contacts down the line and have that funnel you need in order to have on going business.  And having on going business is really the name of the game.  What does this look like?  Working on weekends, holidays and not taking days off.  

It means that you go door to door and build relationships.  It means that when you see a For Sale By Owner sign, you stop and talk with them about there home and let them know that if they shouldn’t be able to sell it, you’re more then willing to help them sell it.  I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve known that have made this relationships and it paid off down the road, literally.  

You set your limits
to both success and failure.

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