5 Things You Should Know About Acne Treatment Products

Careful With What You Use To Put Your Best Face Forward

1. Know What You Are Buying and Your Skin Type


When it comes to acne treatment products, most people just simply buy based on the advertising they watch. However, each person as well as their skin, is different.  So before you buy an acne treatment product make sure you know about your own skin type.


2. Acne Demands a Great Deal of Patience


“You want to get rid from acne right away? Then buy this ABC product.” Sound a bit familiar? How many times have you been enticed by those kinds of ads?  If you have, I can guarantee you’ve had much disappointment so far because the clearing of acne takes time.  Do not believe claims that your pimples will clear up over night because you dabbed on some special face mask bonus product that comes with the acne system if you “order now”.


3. Never Pop Pimples!


When you have acne and see your face in front of mirror, do you hear those little bumps screaming at you to “pop me, pop me!”?  Do not listen to that nasty little inner voice!  Never pop pimples no matter how tempting it might be.


By doing so you’ll just put yourself into some long term turmoil. It will leave you with scars that could cost you a lot of money to treat and get rid of.  Picking your zits will mean an even longer period of time to get the clear and perfect skin you so desire.


4. Side Effects of Topical Acne Treatment Products


Be informed about your skin type and the acne treatment product you use. The easiest and best way to do so is by visiting your doctor and asking  about the possible effects of the acne treatment product you are planning to use.


A few side effects that may occur are:


– allergic reaction

– respiratory tract irritation

– flaking of the skin

– redness

– inflammation of the skin


To avoid these reactions, you could try more natural acne treatment products that use herbs as their main components. One ingredient you will consistently find in natural acne treatment products is tea tree oil, because tea tree oil kills bacteria.


The point here is to do some research first, before you use anything that could damage your face.


5. Look Into LED Light Therapy Systems

With the advances of modern technology , the use of lasers and LED lights offers very effective non-chemical ways to treat acne.  This way you completely avoid the negative side effects that creams or lotions may cause.

LED blue light therapy is most effective for mild to moderate acne.  You can even buy home use devices to zap away your zits!  Watch TV while you use the device to kill the bacteria that is causing your pimples. 

Not only does blue LED light eliminate the underlying cause of acne, but as a bonus it also helps improve your skins texture, color and tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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