6 really cool ipad mounts and docking stations

6 Really Cool iPad Mounts, Holders, and Docking Stations

If you’ve been looking for unique ways and places to mount your iPad under the counter or other unique locations, you’re totally in the right place!
See All Under Count iPad Holders and Docks Here
Below I have my 6 favorite ipad dock stations/mounting ideas that will enable you to get more enjoyment and use out of your iPad.
I tend to use my ipad in odd places so I’m always on the lookout for unique ways to use it around the house and in the car. My absolute favorite is the under cabinet ipad mount and player. It is SUCH a great idea (makes an amazing gift too)!


Best Selling Under Counter Ipad Mounts

Innovative Technology Under Cabinet iPad Player Dock - FM Radio Speakers & with Full Functional Remote
Under Cabinet iPad Player Dock – FM Radio Speakers & Remote
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Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount
Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet iPad Holder Mount
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The Original Kitchen iPad Rack / Stand / Holder
The Original Kitchen iPad Rack / Stand / Holder
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Under Cabinet Ipad Mount – my favorite!

41K%2BQ68QIbL. SL500 AA300Under Counter iPad Dock & PlayerREAD THE REVIEWS

aThis ipad player/mount/docking station installs easily under your kitchen cabinet!
What a

BRILLIANT idea – especially for those that get their recipes from their iPad!
Comes with a remote too!

How To Mount Ipad Under Kitchen Cabinet

Super easy to do – just watch this short 3 minute video showing you how to mount your iPad under the cabinets in your kitchen.

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