7-Year-old Hosts Adorable Mini-Prom for Babysitter Whose Event Was Cancelled

Photo by Elissa Rogers / Becky Chapman

This 7-year-old boy from Raleigh, North Carolina may not be old enough to attend high school, but he has proven himself to be quite a prom king since he came to the rescue of his heartbroken nanny.

17-year-old Rachel Chapman had been babysitting young Curtis Rogers for almost a year prior to the novel coronavirus outbreaks. Between picking up Curtis from school, taking him to piano lessons, and helping him with his homework, Rachel had become a beloved part of the Rogers family.

After the COVID-19 lockdowns shuttered their schools and forced them into quarantine, however, Rachel and Curtis were not able to see each other for two months.

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In addition to missing the Rogers family, Rachel—who is a senior student at Sanderson High School—was particularly saddened by the cancellation of her senior prom and commencement ceremony.

When Curtis heard about Rachel’s prom, he insisted on throwing a socially distanced “mini-prom” for his beloved nanny in their backyard.

The youngster pulled out all the stops for the celebration, too—he even used a giant “promposal” sign to invite Rachel to the event.

Rachel Chapman and Curtis Rogers 3 Photo by Elissa RogersBecky Chapman
Photo by Elissa Rogers/Becky Chapman

On the day of the mini-prom, Curtis donned a purple suit to match Rachel’s prom dress; he set out a fancy dinner table in the back yard with all of their favorite foods from Chick-Fil-A; and after raising a glass of juice to toast his babysitter, they danced six feet across from each other in order to maintain social distancing.

“I was so surprised,” Rachel told Good Morning America. “I had no idea he was going to go all out. It was very thoughtful and sweet.”

“I planned it out because Rachel probably just wanted to see me a lot and she also is one of the best people I’ve known,” Curtis told WTVD. “Rachel is one of our favorite people and Rachel’s like the best nanny ever.”

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