82 Year-old Grandpa Dances With a Broom Because He Isn’t Going to Let COVID-19 Ruin This Senior’s Fun

Frank Cicorelli is a very social guy, and he so misses being with his friends in Charlotte, Michigan.

His wife passed away about 7 years ago at age 75, so he’s alone—but he’s been creating his own fun during this pandemic.

A Facebook post from April shows him carrying an umbrella enjoying his two-mile walk and looking on the bright side: “I was lucky, no wind”—even in the “miserable cold and rain.” He added, “Rain or snow you keep on Goin.”

He recovered from open heart coronary bypass surgery and a shoulder injury four years ago. He decided to work with a trainer and got back full range of motion on his shoulder.

“He takes lots of pictures and posts them on his Facebook page,” his daughter, Connie Cicorelli Ricci, told GNN. “My husband (a high school teacher) says he spends more time on his phone than most teenagers!”

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The couple, who lives outside of Philadelphia, call Frank a few times a week on Facetime. But he needs more social time than that.

Frank and Connie Cicorelli 2019 submitted
Connie Cicorelli Ricci, 2019

He sent this video to Connie and her brother via text showing him getting his groove on to Achy Breaky Heart and grabbing the nearest partner to dance—a broomstick.

“My dad is my HERO and he still lives one of his core values—to make the best out of whatever situation you have!”

WATCH the adorable video below…

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