A Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms:

A Glossary of Affiliate Marketing Terms: 

Now, understand some common terminology in the associate

The marketing industry will read and hear these words every time

Learn anything about “affiliate marketing” or “digital marketing”.

â—‰ Collaborators: Publishers (like you and me) are involved in an affiliate program.

â—‰ Affiliate Market: This is a market where you can find Many companies offer affiliate programs for their product.

There are many marketplaces (such as Template Trip Shareshalay, Commission Junction, JVZU, Clickbank, etc.), which work as a central database for affiliate programs

Help you find affiliate programs for your niche. I have made it more detailed

â—‰ Affiliate Software: Software used by companies to make in-house Affiliate program for their product. This is not so important in this phase,

But it’s good to know about it. Ex: iDevaffiliate, HasOffers.

â—‰ Affiliate links: Unique tracking link provided by your affiliate program

Track progress of your affiliate promotion (We have already discussed

This word first.) - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

â—‰ Affiliate ID: It is similar to an affiliate link but slightly different.

In some cases, many affiliate programs provide a “unique ID” that you can do

Then add the product to any page of the site (Example: productpage.com/AffiliateID).

â—‰ Payment Mode / Method: Different Affiliate Programs Offer Differently Payment – Methods Normal payment mode includes: check, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and many others.

â—‰ PayPal: This is the most common payment method to get affiliate earnings If you do not, then you have to create a PayPal account

Already have one. You can follow this guide to create your account. Companies will send you payments from PayPal and PayPal

â—‰ Payoneer: This is another payment program that you will be Affiliate are using to get the commission. Payoneer offers a master

Card and you can use it as a debit card. You can also move Money in your bank account from Payoneer.

â—‰ Wire transfer: Many companies offer direct deposits and whenever It is possible that you should prioritize this method because it will save you a lot of money. When you use PayPal or Payoneer, you will make a payment.

A small amount in the form of service fee With Wire Transfer (ACH),

There are no service fees.

â—‰ Check: I know it’s funny to hear that some companies do not Offer digital payments. One of these companies, Avar (popular Email marketing system) provides affiliate payment through paper check

In college. I personally feel stupid, but sometimes, we cannot do much But follow the company’s guidelines to get paid.


â—‰ Affiliate Manager: When you join an affiliate program (directly or use a market), is always an affiliate manager associated with it. Affiliate managers are central to many things. You should always

Build a good relationship with your collaborative managers. They Will help you increase commission and tell you about it and new proposals.

â—‰ Commission percentage / amount: amount or percentage

The commission you will get for every sale through your affiliate link. Several Companies offer fixed percentages (ex: 30%) and several percentages others offer a fixed rate per sale (ex: $ 25). From an affiliate program In it, you recommend joining others

Special affiliate programs and you will get a commission when your sub-Affiliates sell. It’s like MLM (multi-level marketing), but in one Completely Legal Way It is also known as sub-affiliate Commissions

â—‰ Landing page: A unique product sale or demo page used Increase sales The purpose of the landing page is to direct traffic the desired action. It can be as easy as subscribing to your email. Buying a newsletter or a product When I complete my next you can learn more Ebook on email marketing, but for now, you have to know that landing

Pages are very useful. You can use the software like lead pages to create one Professional landing page.

â—‰ Custom / Special Affiliate Proposal: Typically special in many companies Offers to their partner partners who are giving them good money Sales These associates are called “super affiliates”. You need to pay attention Being one of them.

â—‰ Link Cloaking: Most affiliate tracking links are ugly. Allows link cloaking

You can turn ugly looking links easily into a readable and attractive link

â—‰ Custom Coupons: Many programs allow partners to create custom coupons,


Here are some common terms used in Affiliate Marketing.

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