A Halloween I’ll Never Forget

It was a cold winter that year and we already had snow on the ground the day before Halloween.
I was in the classroom and my teacher, Mrs Bosco, was sharing scary Halloween stories. I can remember sitting in my seat eagerly listening, my breath short and shallow, as I was engrossed in her tale.
She told us the story of a prom date that went bad. Of course at the age of seven, I had no idea what a date was or a “prom” but that didn’t matter. She described the girls beautiful pink gown. How the gown was of a shiny material and when the girl swirled the colors changed color. Her hair was brown and hung down around her shoulders. She had us all at the edge of our seats waiting to hear what came next.
Mrs. Bosco continued with her tale. The couple were returning home after the ‘prom’ in his brand new car and the boyfriend, while driving, was trying to find that perfect song on the radio. He had taken his eyes off the road for just a second when another car was driving on the wrong side hit the car head on. Both the boy and the girl were killed.
Now the story goes that the girl didn’t know that her boyfriend was killed and every year at Halloween she comes out of her grave searching the road for her boyfriend and if the wind is just right you can hear her calling his name, “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.”
Well that did it..after hearing that sad and scary story, I raced over to my friend Becca’s house after school and I told her the story. Her sister Diane and her brother Mike entered the room listening to my story. We all thought of ourselves as detectives like Nancy Drew so it decided: we would go to the cemetary to see this for ourselves. I was going to bring a blanket, Becca was going to bring a flashlight, Diane would bring snacks, and Mike would bring hot chocolate. We were set, we’d meet at the cemetary Halloween night at 11:45pm.
I went home all excited and my mother asked what I was up to. I told her nothing and that my friends and I were going out for Halloween, just trick n treating. My mom, who was aware of what the teacher was going to discuss today, knew what us kids were going to do.
Well the next night we all sneaked out of our homes with our gear and met at the cemetary at 11:45 that evening. Becca had the flashlight so we went in search of her grave. Finally after searching for what seemed like forever, we found it, smack dab in the middle of the cemetary underneath a big oak tree! So we laid the blanket on the ground and sat down to wait.
While we were waiting we ate and talked and then it happened. We heard a voice on the wind calling out “Bobby, Bobby!” We got up and she started coming toward us her beautiful pink gown, torn, no longer shiny, and her hair all messed up! Well, we were soooo scared that we all took off leaving everything behind, trying to beat each other to the cemetary gates.
All of a sudden we hear laughter and we stopped and looked at each other. Becca says to me, “I can’t tell for sure, but it sure sounds like you’re moms laugh” I look at her shaking my head as if to say, ‘no it can’t be’ when we hear it again and this time its closer. We all turn around and there before us was my mom, Becca and her siblings mom, and MY TEACHER, Mrs Bosco!!! Well you can imagine our surprise! Our moms tell us that they knew what we would do and they got Mrs Bosco involved in their Halloween surprise!!
We all laughed and we went back to my house where my mom made us hot chocolate and cookies!

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