After Rediscovering Warehouse Treasure Trove of 50,000 Face Masks, IKEA Donates Them All to Hospital

As world healthcare systems clamor to keep up with medical supply demands amidst the COVID-19 outbreaks, an IKEA in Sweden has become an unexpected benefactor of the nation’s biggest hospital.

Earlier this week, employees at the Stockholm location were reportedly stunned to discover a stash of more than 50,000 medical face masks gathering dust in their warehouse.

The store had purchased the masks during the most recent bird flu outbreak. Upon rediscovering the forgotten treasure trove of supplies, store logistics manager Johan Andersson immediately phoned the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg—the largest hospital in the nation—and offered to donate the masks.

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“They were over the moon and said ‘What!? Wow! Just come!’” Andersson told Reuters. “It feels great, in these times, when you read about so much unpleasantness with corona(virus) and all that, that we can show some solidarity. It think it’s important to do that.

“We’re just happy to have been able to contribute something,” he added.

This is just one of many positive stories and updates that are coming out of the COVID-19 news coverage this week. For more uplifting coverage on the outbreaks, click here.

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