Aqueous Industrial Parts Cleaners

Aqueous Parts Cleaners

Armakleen MPC is specifically designed for specific equipment models.
Also, it has been the top choice and it’s considered to be
an effective cleaner that could eliminate a wide range of contaminants,
which includes road dirt, brake dust, oil, and grease. Furthermore,
aside from the usual mineral spirits and other solvents used in
Industrial and Automotive manual parts cleaning applications, the
Armakleen MPC is an efficient, low temperature, and aqueous alternative
that works the same, if not better.

a product that’s labeled as multi-metal safe. Which only implies that
it has the ability to remove contaminants from different substrates,
such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass and copper.
For it’s maximum efficiency, it’s advisable to use it in an environment
with a temperature of 120 F. 

from cleaning the product, this aqueous solution could also provide a
temporary shield against indoor rust, especially when left on metal
surfaces. Though, the duration when it comes to rust protection would
generally depend on the circumstances related to storage.

the other hand, when it comes to cleaning heavy machinery and greasy
parts, as much as possible, it’s better to opt for aqueous cleaning
solutions– mainly because they’re considered to be the safest
alternative for both the workers and the environment. In fact, it
wouldn’t only ensure that the machinery are thoroughly cleaned, but
you’ll also be confident knowing your workers are safe, so as the


The Advantages

* It could eliminate a variety of contaminants, such as greases, oils, and soils.

* Very easy to maintain and user friendly.

* Biodegradable and non-flammable.

* It’s a cleaning solution that’s safe for use even on plastic surfaces.

* It would last for a number of years.


Aqueous Parts Cleaning Myths: Debunked 

Despite the fact that most companies opt for aqueous cleaners, there are still a lot of myths that make others skeptical.

They Can’t Clean Effectively

of the well-known assumptions about aqueous cleaners is that they don’t
have the ability to clean effectively. This isn’t true. In fact,
aqueous parts cleaning could help you clean– even the hard to reach
places with ease.

Difficult Disposal

Aqueous Industrial parts cleaning is environmentally friendly. Which means, you could
dispose them easily and it wouldn’t be harmful to the environment.


to the common belief that these cleaners cost a lot, you could save a
lot of money by using one. Aqueous parts cleaning doesn’t require any
kind of solvent minerals. Additionally, it could help companies save
money not only on lengthening the life of their machinery, but even on
labor costs too. 

What Makes Aqueous Parts Cleaning Stand Out

the most notable characteristic of aqueous parts cleaning is that,
aside from being a very potent cleaning agent, they’re also safe and

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the help of aqueous parts cleaning, you’ll have the power to clean the
machinery thoroughly. However, unlike the solvent parts washer, you
don’t need to worry about the dangers and hazards of using them. For
one, the cleaning detergents used by ArmaKleen are environmentally
approved– making them most preferred and sought after cleaning method.

the aqueous parts cleaning is perceived to be the future of water based
parts washers. The reason behind is that they allow the overall
immersion of parts. Also, in some systems, they’re also capable of high
pressure washing. Both of these techniques offer good agitation,
especially when there are complex geometries involved. 

cold variations, there are a few models available and most of these are
capable of removing grease and oil more effectively. Nonetheless, even
hot water could be utilized and in some cases, it could even improve the
cleaning capability. For manual cleaning, it’s ideal to opt for compact
designs, but bigger models should use automation in order to save time.
This would be quite convenient, especially when you need to deal with
multiple parts washers.

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