Baby Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer for Baby Clothes

Stop by here if you are looking for a style baby closet organizer to keep your little one’s clothes neatly and easy-access storage space.

I remembered the very first day I came back from the hospital together with my newborn son, I had trouble to grab the necessary baby products such as bath time and changing supplies. I did keep those things neatly but not in an easy-access way.

Without further delay, my husband went to buy a blue color closet organizer and re-arrange my son’s clothes include diapers in an easy-access way. To avoid such a situation happen, you may pick one now to get ready everything in the perfect approach to welcome your newborn baby.

Note: The Delta 20 Piece Nursery Closet Starter Kit image courtesy of Amazon, click the link for product details if you are interested.

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Blue Closet Organizer for Baby Boys

If you are welcoming a baby boy, blue definitely is the first choice color regardless of what kind of furniture you are planning to prepare for him.
Both blue closet organizers below come with stylish design that offers a chic look. Most importantly, they allow the parent to keep all baby things based on little one’s changing needs.

Delta 48 Piece Nursery Storage SetDelta 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set
12 closet dividers with 30 hangers
2 large & 3 small storage bins
6-shelf organizer hangs in the closet. #ad

Delta 24 Piece Nursery Closet OrganizerDelta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer
Hanging storage organizer
15 hangers & 6 closet dividers
2 medium-sized storage bins. #ad

Hanging Closet Organizer with Drawer

blue closet organizerDelta 6 Shelf Storage with 2 Drawers

This could be an extra storage unit to place in your closet for your newborn baby.

At one glance, it comes with 4 open shelves and 2 drawers. The product dimension is11″L x 12″W x 19.37″H and the drawer’s dimension is 10.63″L x 30″W x 6.3″H.

Please bear in mind that does not immerse in water in case you want to clean this closet organizer. In fact, you just need to wipe clean it with a piece of a damp cloth. On top of the blue color, it also available in green and pink colors. There is no obligation to buy, so you could click on the “Check Price” button to figure out. In case you prefer beige color, click here to have a look. #CommissionsEarned

Pink Baby Closet Organizer for Girls

If you browse from the beginning to this section, you’ll notice that the following pink color baby closet organizer units are similar to the above ones.

To further describe the products, the flocked-velvet hangers are useful to keep tiny clothes at one glance while maximizing your rod room. The shelf organizer is offering easy-access storage space so it is great to place those changing supplies. If you are preparing small toys for your baby, you could keep them inside the storage bins.

Delta 48 Piece Nursery Storage SetDelta 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set
30 hangers
12 closet dividers
6-shelf organizer
3 small & 2 large storage bins. #ad

Delta 24 Piece Nursery Closet OrganizerDelta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer
15 hangers
6 closet dividers
3 easy hooks nursery organizer
2 units of medium-sized storage bins. #ad

Koala Baby Closet Organizer

blue closet organizerKoala Baby 4-Piece Canvas Closet Set

This is the ideal pick storage unit to keep all your baby clothes and some other accessories in a perfect way. Let’s have a look at the product details:

a) Closet organizer with the dimension of 24″W x 50″H x 12″D features 6 mesh pockets, 6 cubbies, and 2 separators.

b) 4-pocket organizer with the dimension of 13″W x 36″H x 3.5″D is great to keep diapers or some toys.

c) 6-shelf organizer with the dimension of 11.5″W x 48″H x 11.5″D offering roomy space for blankets and baby bath towels.

d) 10-pack of hangers

If you are preparing to welcome your first baby, you may consider having this complete nursery organizer set. #CommissionsEarned

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