Buzz Toy Story Costumes

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

To Infinity…and Beyond! If you like not so scary Halloween costume ideas which suit for father and son, consider Buzz Toy Story Costumes.

Toy Story is one of my son’s favorite movies. He first watched this movie when he was two years old. Until now he keeps on to say to other small kids when he saw them climb high: “you better come down else you will be like Buzz who falling down from stair”.

This part exist in Toy Story 2 when Buzz get to know he is not the real Space Ranger and he is trying to fly but fall down at the end. My son remembered Buzz’s hand broken as result of fall down. So, he seldom climbs high when he was toddler time unless he feels confident to do so.

Although Toy Story series is not hot movie currently, but still has a good run. So, have a look and grab this particular costume for your Halloween party.


Infant Buzz Lightyear Costume


In case your are Toy Story fans, you may consider to let your baby be little Buzz Light year at Halloween party. This is a great costume from Disguise that includes a printed bodysuit and detachable hood. There are two sizes available:

Infant 0~6 months

Baby 12~18 months


Buzz Toy Story Costumes for Toddler

Toddler Buzz Lightyear Costume

The jumpsuit with attached hood features a screen print of Buzz’s control panel suit. It is made off machine washable material and comfortable to wear. It suits for small children age between 4~6 years old and there are few sizes available:

Todder (3~4T)

Child (10H-12H)

Medium (7-8)

Small (4-6)


Buzz Toy Story Costumes for Kids

Buzz Lightyear Costume for Kids

This jumpsuit with attached chest piece, hood and spats that depicts Buzz’s rather high-tech space suit, similar to that of astronauts, though more streamlined. There are six different sizes available, sure could grab one to fit your little one. Click on the check price button to find it out.


Buzz Lightyear Costume with Wing

Buzz Lightyear Costume with Wing

Some kids found that it is not a real Buzz Lightyear if he has no wing, my son is one of them. In Toy Story 2, the Buzz fall down from staircase. My son said it is because Buzz’s wing broken so he cannot fly.

If your little one also has same thinking, consider this costume package. It features light up wings, boot cover and purple head piece however the goggles are sold separate.


Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume

Disney Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Adult Costume


This package includes jumpsuit, detachable character hood, jet pack, glowsticks and boot covers. There are two sizes available, so plus-size men can be space ranger as well.Toy Story is not just for kids, adults also can launch into this super cool 7-piece deluxe costume and be the most famous toy spaceman ever at Halloween party. Coming with the Buzz jet pack and graphics on the front just as Buzz’s real suit looks like, you will be the talk of the party in this fantastic Buzz Lightyear Costume!

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