Car Shaped Bed for Boys Bedroom

I am looking for a car bed for boys recently as I planned to grab one for my son as his 5 years birthday gift. Welcome to stop by and have a look at models that I been shortlisted if you are sourcing for the same bed furniture.

I was thinking to buy Thomas The Train bed for my son. But, he likes playing cars ever since my father bought him a remote control car. My mother also has given him a car shape coin box. Thus, I changed my original plan.

I show him the corner image and he loves it. In fact, he likes all shortlisted models especially the one with a light. You too can invite your son to browse this page together and listen to his opinion before jump into the final decision.

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The above feature image shows Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed (twin size) which is an ideal pick for boys age 3 years old and up.
Click here for product details if you and your son are interested.

Wooden Car Bed for Toddle Boy

Wodden Car Bed for Toddle Boy
KidKraft Racecar Toddler Bed

Product measurement : 72 x 28.3 x 18.2 inches

Manufacturer recommended age: 3 ~ 7 years old

My son told me that he could access to bed easily via the built-in bench at end of the bed. Yes, it is one of the highlights features of this car bed. I personally like the bedrail design. It looks like the real car’s window.

Based on customer reviews, it is easy to assembly. For those who like the wooden bed, you may consider this sturdy wooden bed that features racecar artwork.

The Cool Car Bed for Boys with Lights

Car Bed for Boys with Lights
Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights

Product measurement: 97 x 50 x 24 inches

Manufacturer recommended age: 24 months toddlers ~ 10 years kids

My son used to convince me by given a few reasons that he could think of when he wants to buy something. There is no difference when coming to bedroom furniture.

This time he said: “mom, I will not make noise whenever I wake up because I can play my small toy cars on the build-in race track until you call me to eat breakfast.”

Another feature that attracts him is the working LED headlights. He told me that he dares to sleep alone in his bedroom as the “car headlight” could be used as a nightlight. The fact my son does not know is that the light would be turned off automatically after 15 minutes in order to save the battery life.

For me, it is worth to invest as it would be used until my son reaches the age of 10. Compare to the rest of the models, manufacturers usually suggested being used up to 7 years old.

Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Bed for Littlest Fans

The main difference between the following models is the mattress size they could fit. Please note that the mattress is not included in the package.
My son was thinking to buy the car bed that features Lightning McQueen. He likes to watch the Disney Car2 movie. Anyhow, he puts this model into second priority ever since he saw the car bed with lights.

Delta Children Plastic 3D-Footboard Twin Bed Disney/Pixar CarsDelta Children Plastic 3D-Footboard Twin Bed Disney/Pixar Cars. #adBuy NowDelta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed Disney/Pixar CarsDelta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed Disney/Pixar Cars. #adBuy Now

Convertible Car Bed for Boys and Toddler

Convertible Car Bed for Toddler and Young Child
Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed

Product Measurement: 49.2 x 89.5 x 23.6 inches

Manufacturer recommended age: 24 months – 8 years

This is the very first car bed that attracts my son’s eyes. Needless to say, he likes the molded-in race track at foot-board.

This model similar to the “Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights” that it could be configured to accompany either a toddler mattress or twin size mattress. Most buyers commend that this sturdy car bed is comfortable for boys and easy to clean.

Race Car Bed for Boys in Twin Size

The following models are listed on top of my list. This is because my initial plan is to buy a twin size bed for my son. Now, I changed my mind and consider purchasing the convertible bed as presented above. Anyhow, if you are sourcing bedroom furniture for a child, they are great options.

Furniture of America Max Metal Car Bed Twin Red and YellowFurniture of America Max Metal Car Bed Twin Red and Yellow. #adBuy NowLittle Tikes Sports Car Twin BedLittle Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed. #adBuy Now


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