Corner Shelf Unit

Versatile Modern Furniture: Corner Shelving Unit

If you would like to make use limited area of any room, look no further than the corner shelf unit. It really is versatile modern furniture that could be used with a different purpose such as display decorative items or storage solutions to keep stuff in a well-organized way or mixture functions.

The options of the corner shelf unit are countless. To avoid spoilt of choice, I pick the great models based on common requirement such as stylish wall mounted units, ladder style corner bookshelf, 5 tier corner bookcase, and some other decorative units that made of metal.

I hope you like this kind of product presentation and find it helps your online shopping. (Top Image courtesy of Amazon, click here for product details).

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Modern Staggering Corner Wall Mounted Shelf

If you would like to create a lovely accent on your living room by utilizing the corner area, consider the following Zig Zag style shelf units. Obviously, they are not suited to be used as a bookcase. Instead, they are an ideal pick to display your collectibles or family photos or any other small stuff that you would like to showcase.

Corner Mounted Accent Shelf
White Corner Mounted Accent Shelf. #ad
corner shelf unit wall mount price

Hanging Corner Storage
Maple Hanging. #ad
corner shelf unit hanging

corner shelf unit wall mount
Dark Walnut Veneer. #ad
corner shelf unit price

5 Tier Corner Bookshelf with Square Rack

In my humble opinion, the corner shelf unit with a square rack is the right choice for people who like to place their favorite books in an easy-access way. Anyhow, you are free to use it for multi-purpose such as the scenario in the middle picture: display collectibles, store a few books, and place a basket that contains small stuff.

Corner Bookcase
Bookcase in Cappuccino Finish. #ad
5 tier corner shelf unit

Corner 5-Tier Bookshelf
5-Tier Bookshelf Case Espresso Finish. #ad
5 tier corner shelf unit price

Corner Square Rack Display Shelf
Tube Corner Square Rack Display Shelf. #ad
5 tier corner bookshelf

Corner Ladder Style Shelf Unit

As its name implies, this kind of modern furniture features the largest bottom rack and upper rack relative smaller in size. Based on online customer reviews, the following ladder-style shelf units are easy to assemble; most importantly they look really nice and fit well in the corner.

corner ladder shelf unit
Ladder Shelf Unit in Cappuccino. #ad
corner ladder shelf unit

5 Tier Corner Stand
5 Tier Corner Stand Cherry Color. #ad
corner ladder bookcase price

Corner Ladder Bookcase
Corner Ladder Bookcase in Espresso. #ad
corner ladder style bookshelf

Antique Corner Shelving Unit with Doors

Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Display CabinetSouthern Enterprises Lighted Corner Display Cabinet

If your room features antique decor, you’ll never go wrong to pick this cabinet to fit the corner area. According to the product description, it comes with 2 fixed shelves plus 3 adjustable glass shelves for you to display your collectibles with pride.

There are 2 colors for you to choose from: mahogany and golden oak. One of its highlight features is that the mirror-backend with light.

The entire piece looks elegance when the light is on, can you imagine that? #CommissionsEarned
Corner Shelving Unit with Doors

Metal Corner Shelf Unit

If you like to place some plants indoors, you may consider one of the following shelf units. They made of durable metal and look elegant when standing in the corner of a room.

Corner Display �tagère Shelf Unit
High Corner Display tag Shelf Unit. #ad
corner shelving unit metal

Four Tier Shelf
Four Tier Metal Etagere Shelf in Goldish Copper. #ad
5 tier corner shelf unit price

corner shelving unit metal
Corner Shelving Unit Metal. #ad
corner shelf unit wall mount

 Countertop Corner Shelf Racks

If you are looking for a storage organizer that helps to keep unclutter in your kitchen, then consider the following countertop corner shelf racks. I personally like the middle-one that manages to turn the corner area into maximum storage space.

Corner Shelf
Rubbermaid Corner Shelf. #ad
countertop corner shelf racks price

Wooden Countertop Shelf. #ad
countertop corner shelf unit price

Countertop Racks
Countertop Corner Racks. #ad
countertop shelf rack price


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