Create Opportunities Is Changing The Workplace

A Big Picture Mentality Will Allow You To See Many possibilities …

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Life Teaches You To Create Opportunities,

Workplace 2016 REVIEW

Workplace 2016 REVIEW

Q I hired several temporary seasonal workers, and based on prior experience expect some will not perform well. I am considering using a testing service to help with future hiring, but I have heard asking the wrong questions can get you in trouble.
Work stress is one of the biggest health deterrents today. Not only is it a threat to your emotional well being but can also wreck havoc in your physical health. In order to avoid turning this stress chronic, we spoke
The mindfulness training is open to all employees at several company locations. As many organizations can attest, bringing mindfulness to the workplace has decreased people’s stress levels while improving focus 

For millennials, maintaining a balance of flexibility, growth and learning opportunities is key to happiness and success in the workplace. For the first time, millennials are the largest group in the American workforce …

Box Workplace: ‘Show star Wars’ Nabs Massive $153.5M Christmas, Crosses $1B Globally. Las Vegas Blog
J.J. Abrams’ record-shattering Show star Wars: The Force Awakens has blasted past $1 billion globally faster than any film in historical past, in addition to leading the most noteworthy Christmas weekend ever at the North American box workplace
The workplace is changing in ways that would have been inconceivable less than a decade ago. Each year, futurist Dan Schawbel, makes his workplace trend predictions in Forbes magazine. This year, his Top 10 2016 trends discuss everything
Is the “laying down desk” the new standing desk? The concept has been gaining popularity as new workplace accommodations, like the standing desk and the treadmill desk, abound. TheStreet’s
5 Common Myths About Conflicts in the Workplace
Managed correctly, conflict can be a positive source of innovation and creativity. Here are five myths about workplace conflict (plus tips on how to harness its power): 1. Conflict is always negative and should be avoided …
How to improve mental health in your workplace in 2016
In 2015 mental health continued to be top of the agenda for many businesses. With 1 in 4 people now experiencing some kind of mental health condition, this is having a big impact on the workplace
Professionalism often translates to lack of emotion. On the surface, it might not seem like being a professional would require you to stuff your emotions. But that’s exactly what many work cultures unconsciously promote. The crisis

As the term ‘professional life’ indicates, it should be strictly work related. It is understandable enough that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so you do need to lighten up when you’re at work sometime

Stepping into the workplace means that you will, one way or another, step into a world where different types of people thrive. This, of course, means that you have to be able to thrive in an environment that might 
4 Steps to Improve Workplace Communication
Some working relationships start out like a great first date. Thrown together in an interview or on a committee, people just click. All the positive clichés apply — they’re on the same wavelength, singing the same tune

Dec. 10 — A colleague who has bad breath. Cooked fish in the company break room. An over-fragranced co-worker. While a source of laughter for some, such odors may significantly disrupt a workplace and should be taken seriously, employmen
For me, 2015 was a blur of news stories about PTO, parental leave, wellness and other vital components of the office culture, like free snacks.

Your Employer Can’t Stop You From Recording Conversations At Work

The decision sets an important precedent in the workplace of the iPhone era. Any company with a policy similar to Whole Foods’ will likely be taking a close look at it, since it can now easily be challenged. The …

Call to get tough on harassment at workplace
Employers were yesterday urged to take the lead in fighting workplace harassment and advocate zero tolerance towards such behaviour among their staff
Workplace bullying: Characteristics bullies look for and why they bully

People bully for many different reasons, whether it be school bullying, cyberbullying, orworkplace bullying. While there are more than likely as many reasons why people bully others as there are numbers of people …

(ECNS) — Poor working environments are the primary reason for office workers, especially post-90s, to quit their jobs, reported on Sunday. The Zhejiang provincial news portal found that the top reasons employees quit their jobs
Millennials Face Troublesome Retirement Math
That means being informed about and taking advantage of all available workplacebenefits. But that won’t change things for the people with few or no workplace benefits at all. We need to do what we can 

Not only is it short and memorable, but it reminds us how valuable often overlooked traits like diligence and kindness are in the workplace. With that in mind, I’ve created a detailed guide corporate leaders can follo

In addition, CEOs can gain valuable insight into potential workplace problems they might not have considered, and feedback on the moves they’re implementing to make changes easier on employees. When
He’s also a co-author of the new book “One Second Ahead,” which outlines the hazards of an untrained mind in the workplace and offers strategies for training your brain through mindfulness practices. Action addiction
Are you tired of working hard? It’s time to smarten up and get better, faster results from yourself and your team. Me time first Financial advisers suggest paying yourself first by setting aside money for the future 
This Can’t Wait: I Resolve To…
If you resolve to get your workforce healthier, you’ve got company and lots of help. Several central Ohio nonprofits are among those offering workplace wellness programs to benefit waist lines and bottom lines of employers and their employees
Perceived discrimination data were similar for women and men with obesity in the workplace and in health care settings, with women reporting more perceived discrimination than men. “Women reported more lifetime discrimination, work-related
‘Show star Wars’ awakens to biggest box workplace opening ever
The film flew past the opening weekend record held by Universal’s “Jurassic World”, which made $208.eight million on the weekend it opened in Jun. Box Office: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” crosses $250 million …

The last year saw dramatic changes for workers and their employers, and as 2016 nears, it looks full of even more big issues that could fundamentally change how Americans work

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