Disney Princess Carriage Bed

Disney Princess Carriage Bed For Girls

The Disney Princess carriage bed is inspired by the famous classic animated movie called Cinderella. Bedtimes for little girls definitely be easier as they all like to sleep on a lovely bed featuring their favorite cartoon character.

Who doesn’t want to become a princess? At the moment I sourcing this kind of product, I hope that I am young enough to own one or they are models manufactured for adults.

Unfortunately, there are no many choices at Amazon for little Princess. So, you need to act fast if the model you interested in is selling on eBay.

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Disney Princess Carriage Bed With Sheer

This Disney Princess carriage bed comes with 2 options for you to choose from: with or without sheer fabric; and you can free to select the sheer color as well as the bed size either twin or full. With its carriage shape design, your little girl might dream of Cinderella and helps her go home on time with this custom made carriage.

Pink Princess Carriage Girls Bed & Comfort Ortho Mattress

What a wonderful princess bed! I love it very much! This is the latest model I found on eBay. I really wish the manufacturer launches a similar bed frame that features a horse-drawn carriage for adults.
This fantastic kid’s bed frame comes with a mattress and 2 pieces of Steps so the little princess could access her carriage bed either right or left side. It is for sure that girls will be thrilled when they saw it locates in their bedroom for the first time, don’t you agree?

Cinderella Carriage Toddlerbed With Storage

Sometimes, I really admired those creative manufacturers to launch such a lovely toddler bed featuring LED lights that serve as a reassuring night light.

It comes with 2 fabric storage boxes at the end of the bed so girls could keep their jewelry or toys neatly. Above the storage drawers, there is a bench for little Princess to sit while reading or wear her stocking. Alternatively, she can place her mirror and some makeup kit on the bench.

You will never go wrong to pick this Disney Princess light up carriage bed to let your little girl immerse completely in the amazing magical world.


DIY Carriage Bed For Your Little Princess

DIY Carriage Bed For Your Little Princess

In case you have holiday breaks, you may consider DIY the twin princess carriage bed for your little princess. Grab this woodworking plan from eBay and get ready required plywood or MDF board, then you could kick off your project and complete it in a few day’s time.

Canopy Bed Frame Features Cinderella Carriage Wheels


If you sourcing canopy beds to place in your little girl’s bedroom which could last for years to come, then consider this Cinderella Carriage Canopy Bed Frame. It looks elegant that it definitely fits in any bedroom with a Cinderella theme.

Click on the “Check Price” button for the dimension info and get to know customer reviews about this product.

Disney Princess Carriage Toddler bed


This Princess carriage toddler bed is made of wood with hand-crafted and non-toxic paint. It is an ideal pick to encourage little girls to sleep alone with a lovely bed.

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