DIY Roofing: Calculating Costs

Get Started Calculating Roofing Costs

If you are doing your own home construction or replacing existing construction, roofing can be an expensive part of the project.  It is important to know in advance what you are getting into and what it will cost to carefully control your project expenses. 

With new construction, the first thing you need to know is square footage.  Estimating square footage involves multiplying length times width, and allowing extra for gables, cantilevers, and in the case of shingles, allowing at least 20% extra for pattern repeat or shingle staggering.



DIY Roofing-New Construction

DIY Roofing-New Construction

New construction will require an extensive list of materials and tools to do the work, some of which could be rented to save money. For new construction, you will need  rafters, pre-made  trusses,  1-1/4 inch simplex roofing nails, which are sold by the pound, and the lumber yard can estimate how many you will need, based on your square footage. You also will need plain white waterproof caulking, 1/2 inch  plywood or waferboard,  which is a residential standard in most states, but it would be best to check for local regulations which may vary depending on snow load in your area. Choose shingles or metal roofing.  If using shingles, add another 20% to the square footage ordered to allow for staggering. Whether a new or remodel, equipment can be rented to finish the job, such as scaffolding, nail guns, saw horses, ladders, and lifts.  Often lumber yards will rent conveyor devices to bring heavy shingle bundles onto the roof saving the back and knees of the workers.  Renting can be costly, but the expense is always lower than the purchase price, and unless you plan to be using this equipment a substantial amount of time, purchase is unwise.
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Roof Remodels

Roof Remodels

Remodels of roofs are usually performed only  if a whole house facelift is being done.  Normally, a remodel will occur to repair storm damage, often involving small repairs that would take an afternoon and a few dollars worth of shingles and caulk, but in the event of a bad storm or water damage , can cost in the thousands of dollars, and are covered by homeowner’s insurance most of the time. In these cases, the insurance adjuster will calculate the cost of repair and issue a check accordingly.  Some companies have a list of licensed contractors who do the work and will require you use one of them,  otherwise, you may receive the check and do the repairs yourself.  In construction, a rule of thumb is, 1/3 of the funds buy materials, 2/3 of the funds buy the labor. If you are able to perform the labor yourself, you could keep part of the cost of the repairs and have the pride of knowing you did it yourself with the attention to detail only a homeowner puts into his own house.



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