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Are you’re a fan of A&E reality show Duck Dynasty? Don’t have any idea how to dress up on this Halloween? How about dress up yourself like Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Uncle Si or Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty? If yes, then you landed on the right spot.
Here share with you some great ideas to dress up like the Robertson family on this Halloween.
Image Credit: Willie Robertson

How To Dress Up Like Willie Robertson

 Willie Robertson is Duck Commander’s CEO. He definitely is an icon character that can use as great Halloween costume idea. It’s pretty easy to dress up like Willie Robertson. You just need to get prepare a wig long brown beard, an America flag bandannas, a white sport blazer and a camouflage clothing.

To enhance the costume atmosphere, you can get yourself a toy hunting gun on your hand. Your friend definitely get the idea of you just came back from duck hunting.

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Jase Robertson Costumes

 If you’re fan of Duck Dynasty, then you surely know who is Jase Robertson. He is the oldest brother of Willie. He is love hunting, jungle walking, frog catching and mess around with other Duck Commander’s employees.

To put yourself become Jase Robertson, you need to get dress up few apparel such as  black beanie cap, camouflage t-shirt and a long signature brown beards.

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Dress Up Like Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson

 Phil Robertson is a founder of Duck Commander. He the legendary Robertson member who develop the Duck Call and also a father for Willie and Jase. Hunting duck, killing beaver and frog catching are those hobbies for Phil.

Phil usually dress up simple with a black t-shirt and a camo bandana. However, you need to get a long grey beard to wear.Below are few suggestion accessories that you can try on.

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Homemade Uncle Si Costumes

 The funniest old man in Duck Dynasty series. He is the brother of Phil Robertson & uncle for Willie and Jase. Uncle Si love ice tea, so you can saw him bring along favorite tea cup every where he go. 

If you need to put up a Halloween costume like Uncle Si, then you can’t miss to bring yourself a tea cup. Since Uncle Si been ages, you need a get a wig grey long beard and a pair of glasses to dress up. Then, wear a signature Duck Dynasty T-shirt or camo hunting clothing also be nicer. 

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