Electric Water Heaters: Switching from Tank to Tankless?

A Tankless Electric Water Heater is Quite Different From A Tank One

electric costs quite a bit more many people nevertheless prefer it as the means
to heat household tap water. The reason is mostly to do with the convenience
and safety. After all, the worst you can expect from an electric water heater
is to get your breaker tripped. Electric is much more popular in warmer parts
like Florida and California for obvious reasons. You need very little energy to
heat the water in a hot climate and you have no reason to deliberate on the
energy bills. With that said, eventually the time comes to dispose of the rusty
tank and get something new. More often than not, people who have a history with
electric water heaters will consider a tankless electric water heater as their
next hot water source. This is a great choice, provided you do your homework
and consider some key issues you need to keep in mind when switching from an old
hot water tank and the advanced tankless unit you plan to install. Let us see
what these issues could be.

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What You Need To Keep In Mind:

  1. You need a new breaker box and some electrical work done to
    make sure your new water heater’s power requirements are met. Remember a
    tankless water heater has only seconds to heat the same amount of water a
    traditional device heats in minutes. This takes a lot of amps!
  2. Providing instant hot water requires a good deal of
    kilowatts so you had better choose a tankless with the capacity to live up to
    your expectations. Know how much water you need and at what temperature. Read
    the product specs in detail to make sure you get the right one.
  3.  When you open a hot water faucet and the tankless water
    heater suddenly taps into the electric line, it can momentarily drain the
    lifelines of you lightbulbs and you can see them get dim for a few seconds.
    This is not a fault of the water heater. Electric heating is 100% efficient so an
    electric water heater cannot take any more energy than it is supposed to or
    waste any electric power. It is doing its job and lightbulbs twinkling for a
    few seconds is not a reason to go mad. Look for the solution in your home’s electric

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