Are You Planning To Be A Rich Dad Or Poor Dad? Welcome To The New Economy

Let�s Be Realistic here. No more pretending about our lives, future and financial well being. We might be living a false hope of things will get better, the economy will come back to normal, our jobs will return and so on. By the way the internet had taken away many of the manual jobs and day- to-day labors that people were hired to do in the past 50 and 100 years. Most jobs are now automated. This mean, computers automation are now doing most of the jobs. I applaud you for being optimistic for the future of what will happen, but you must also start thinking twice.

What�s your plan B? If You Have One Are You Working On It?
The Old Plan isn�t working for 95% of the people no more. According to rich dab, By Robert Kiosaki of Rich Dad Poor dad, he said money doesn�t make you rich it�s business skills. For a long time now most of the World population were taught only one. The plan A. The plan is go to college study hard get good grades, find you a good paying secure job and you will be financially secure. Does this still hold true especially in this recession? Read Robert book and you will find the truth about where the new economy is heading.

Do you want to be in the E, S, I or b quadrant?
Robert explains the different core values about these methods of earning money or creating wealth. He said E stands for employee. This is the person who go to work every day to work for pay check. The S stands for self employ. Like doctors, mechanical shops and lawyers. The I stands for investors the people who have the money work hard for them. These are people who invest in real estate, stocks or another business. The business owner has a system in place working for him. He or she hires like minded people run his company that way he can do other important things. It�s time to move becoming a business owner or invest because this is where financial freedom lies. You can�t live in the richest country and still wondering whether you will have food to eat or have enough to pay you bills. This is the new economy and you are either will to come with the change or get left behind.

According to Robert Kiosaki, the midile class will be no longer be around, but the good news is, he said there will be more millionaires than ever in the history of this country. The question is will you be one of them? To be rich you must be in business for yourself. You can never be rich working for someone else. That�s hard truth. Start a business and invest your money this is when financial freedom will come your way. No dad poor no more. How many people you know that been working hard and been following the this old and after they retired end out broke, poor and discourage? This old plan is expired and should not be used for hard working men and women.
Best Job Security
As we already know in today�s economy there is no such thing as job security my friend. This reccession refused to go away and people are still losing their jobs at record rate. People are face with new trends called downsizing. You see you cannot control the decision a company make but you can control your employment status. The best job security is to be in business for yourself. Entrepreneurship is the best job security. According to business week from 1995 to 2005 more people are working from home, and more of them are working for themselves, according to Census data released today. The chart below compares the growth in the number of self-employed people working exclusively from home to growth in total home-based workers and the total number of people employed 1999 to 2005 and still growing. Isn�t time you start thinking about starting your own home based business?

In conclusion, we must start thinking beyond the old way of creating wealth and making money. The ancient way of creating wealth or earning no longer work. Start doing some research into how you can start a home based business now. You owe it to your future and your family future.
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