Friday Funnies: Bored Man Builds ‘Hillbilly Hot Tub’ Using an Old Fish Pond And a Boat Motor

A 65-year-old salesman had no work during lockdown and wanted to find a new way to relax and reduce stress while sitting in his garden.

Paul Vaughan then proceeded to build his very own budget hot tub using an old, pre-formed pond base that he dug out from his garden.

The water is cleaned using the old fish pond filtration system, which he runs through 20m of hose pipe sitting on his concrete path, to heat the water.

And just for a laugh, Paul added an outboard motor—to create swirling jacuzzi bubbles—and he’s been relaxing in the homemade tub in Bridgend, Wales, every day since.

(He took a picture of the outboard motor just once for a joke, but, of course “for safety reasons” he never sits in the tub at the same time as the prop is spinning.)

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Photos courtesy of SWNS

“I originally used the material as a fish pond years ago, and kept it with the intention of once again having a fish pond. But with the fabulous weather, and not much to do at the moment as a result of COVID, I decided to make a hot tub.”

“It took me a couple of days to get it sorted, but that was because originally the water was too cold to get into!”

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Paul’s creation took just half-a-day to build and he said he is pretty pleased with his efforts, especially because the empty pond was being used as a log stand before he got to work on the hot tub.

Paul heats the water by running it through about 21 yards of hose pipe (20 m) sitting on top of a concrete path, while the sunshine heats the water.

“It is not very efficient, but slowly, very slowly, it does the job.”

And, all at a cost that can’t be beat!

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