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Full size loft bed is relatively large in size but offers a comfortable berth and spacious space underneath for the owner to place an executive style desk and chair or couch.

I have been sourcing this type of bedroom furniture recently because my niece going to stay with me as she enrolled a colleague which near to my house. I then makeover my storeroom and convert it to bedroom that suit for a teenager.

I know my storeroom is not enough space to place both a single bed and a desk for her to do school work. Full-size loft bed with desk and dresser is the best choice to address my issue of cramped space.

There are no many choices for a full-size type. Thus, I list down all the options I found online on this page and hope that it could save your shopping time in case you are looking for similar products.

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Accommodate a Computer Workstation Underneath

Accommodate a Computer Workstation Underneath
Powell Z-Bedroom Full Size Loft Bed with Study Desk

Product Measurement: 80.5 x 74.2 x 72.5 inches

What a stylish loft bed with a computer workstation underneath! The reason I said a computer workstation instead of the study desk is because it features the keyword tray. It is an ideal pick for those who are using a desktop computer that needs a keyword tray.

Based on customer feedback, this unit is a stable well-made bed with tubular steel construction. The assembly is easy but needs two people to complete the task as it is a heavy unit.

More Options of Loft Beds with Computer Workstation

My niece said that the Z-shape loft bed more suitable for boys, what do you think? She more prefers the standard design bedroom furniture.
Both of the following units have come with hanging shelves. The left-side unit even features CD racks for owners to place their favorite CDs.

Full Loft Study BedFull Loft Study Bed
80-1/4″ x 58″ x 72-1/2″ tall. #ad

Loft Bed with Computer WorkstationLoft Bed with Computer Workstation
80″L x 58″W x 72″H. #ad

Trendy Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Desk

Trendy Full Size Metal Loft Bed with Desk
Full Size Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves Underneath

Product Dimensions: 81 x 58.5 x 72 inches

My niece is no longer using a desktop computer. Instead, she owns a notebook and used to complete her homework in a paperless style. It means that a small desk will be fine for her. Thus, it is one of my shortlisted models.
Another reason I am considering this model is that there is plenty of room underneath. My niece can place her favorite bean bag chair or chest of drawers below the bed. On top of that, its ladders design also contributes to bedroom floor space-saving.

Full Size Loft Bed – Desk and Drawers Below the Bed

Guest, which model I will pick finally? Because my niece is the person who will use the loft bed daily, so we asked her to choose. She picks the white color unit as it fulfills all her needs include desk underneath, drawers, and shelves to keep her stuff neatly.

Full Size Loft Bed Set w Desk and Half-Width DresserFull Size Loft Bed Set w Desk and Half-Width Dresser
80″ W x 92″ D x 76.75″ H
Not include bookcase. #ad

Full High Loft Bed with Long Desk and Drawer ChestFull High Loft Bed with Long Desk and 3 1/2 Drawer Chest
86.2 x 80 x 76.5 inches. 3ad

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