Gas or Electric: Which Water Heater is Better?

Gas or Electric Water Heater

or tankless, a water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home
that is more than anything else needed for the most fundamental daily
activities. When choosing your next water heater, the source of energy is a key
feature that you need to take your time considering. The most common types of
fuel are electric and gas. Both types of fuel have their own minuses and pluses
and below we review some of the key aspects of both to give you an idea about
the best choice.

Comparison fo Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Installation: This
is where the electric water heaters rule because they are much easier to install.
They need no venting and no new gas pipes. Because they need no access to the
outside or to any source of fresh air, you can install electric water heaters
just about anywhere and tankless electric water heaters are even better in this
regard because they are very compact units.

The major advantage of using gas as fuel in a water heater is the significantly
lower energy bills. Although, some variation is prices is inavitable in
different parts of the country, both propane and natural gas beat electric
hands down in delivering the same amount of energy for less money.

Even the cheapest water heater is built to conform to the strict safety
regulation and there is little reason to worry unless you take a tool and try
to rip the unit while it is working. That being said, it is obvious that an
electric water heater is always better than one that requires the delivery of
flammable gases and disposal of poisonous smoke.

Electric water heaters have limitations because transfering electric energy
into your home is more difficult that transporting the gas with the equivalent
heating potential. This is not such a huge problem if you are installing an
electric water tank because you are already prepared to wait while it heats the
water. Tankless water heaters are the ones you need to be careful
with. Remember that even the most powerful electric tankless water heater is
weaker than a gas tankless water heater.

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