How To Find A Qualified Lead Investor

Finding An Investor For Your New Business

When you are setting up a new business and need help financially there are ways to find investors to help you get your business started.
An investor lead will help you find other investors that are relevant for your particular market and will give you access to several people that will help you succeed.

Accredited Investor – What Does It Mean?

The name “accredited investor” is a phrase used to describe a person or entity that is possibly interested in participating in an investment, and acts as the first stage of an investment process. This investor is able to fund the investment because they have some extra money that they can use to benefit them.
Accredited investors are usually companies, banks, insurance companies and individuals. 

Accredited Investor Leads

To find FTC-compliant accredited investor leads online visit

How To Qualify for an Investor Lead

If you want to invest and become a qualified lead investor, first you need to qualify. In order to qualify you have to meet the criteria of the SEC which involves having an income of $200,000 or more for more than two years and you also be able to keep this income level in the future. You must also be an individual not a company.
A person with joint income of $300,000 or more with spouse and expects to reach the same amount in the current year.
Or you can qualify if you have a net requirement of $1 million. This requirement does not have to be an individual it can be combined with your spouse.
When qualifying you will include your assets such as Equity in Real Estate, Cash, Securities, or other investments.
When you are accepted you will work as being the executive officer or general partner.
 A corporation or a partnership that has a total of $5 million in assets.



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