How to Organize a Kitchen Desk Area

We have been brainstorming on the topic of how to organize a kitchen desk area to turn it into a tidy room. To complete our decluttering mission, we ready the following gadgets.

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2-Tier Turntable Countertop Organizer Buy Now
2-Tier Adjustable Organizer for Countertop

I used to keep the cooking spices and sauces in a rectangle bin. It is one of the approaches to keep those bottles in a well-organized way. But, it is a bit difficult to access a particular spice whenever I want to use it. Furthermore, it occupied more desktop space. Thus, I replaced this 2-tier adjustable turntable with the divided top tier.

I placed it on the desktop next to my gas range, of course, there is some distance to reach the cooking area. I like this gadget design idea. It is constructed of durable white plastic that easy to clean and maintain. The upper tier can be split into two independent halves which is great to offer an extra tier.

Best of all, the top trays spin freely that offer easy access to hard-to-reach spices and sauces. It is adjustable and features multiple configurations to maximize the storage space. With non-slip feet and a deep ledge, this gadget keeps pantry ware items upright and in place. I would say this is an innovative kitchen tool with a convenience feature. #CommissionsEarned

Canned Food Organizer Buy Now
Decluttering Canned Food

Honestly, I am not good at cooking. And so I used to serve my family members with steam foods accompany with some canned food 2~3 times per week. For certain canned foods that my family members like, I normally bought half a dozen. As my small kitchen cabinet fulls of other dinnerware and cooking pans, some of them are being put on desktop.

When coming to the topic of how to organize a kitchen desk area, we know we have to grab multiple tier storage racks to store that canned food in a tidy way and easier to find. It allows you to hold canned foods of various sizes and it depends on the size of the cans to determine how many cans it holds in total. For instance, you could place up to 45 standard size cans with 15 cans on each shelf. All cans are organized horizontally and grouping into three rows with five cans per row.

It is constructed from durable, heavy-gauge steel wire with a polished chrome finish. The base has rubber feet for better grip, and to help protect your desktop surfaces. Shelves are angled to make it easy to retrieve stored cans; furthermore allows the next cans to roll gently forward for easy access. It also features a front rim prevents cans from rolling off the shelf. #CommissionsEarned

ktichenware organizer on countertop Buy Now
Organize Kitchenware on Desktop

The common kitchenware such as dish, cup, and spoon are daily used items. I used to place them on the counter-top with the multiple tier rack in an old house. When we move into a new house, I also bought a similar one as a tool to organize the kitchen desk area. There are two reasons I love to use this type of storage rack to organize my frequent use kitchenware: easy to access and let items dry off after washing.

This 3 tier storage rack made with heavy-duty and rust-resistant chromed wire for stability and durability. The top tier rack is for holding plates while the flat bottom rack can be used for mugs and bowls. The top has two handling bars for easy transport and the bottom has a plastic tray to hold drips easily.

One side is equipped with a cup drainer and the other side has a cutlery drying basket which is ideal to dry utensils; better still, it is removable. This design provides more space without costing more desktop space. #CommissionsEarned

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