How To Really Show Concern for Others

Do You Really Care About Others?

This time of the year many people show a little extra kindness, people seem to be friendlier, loved ones gather together and share laughter, gifts and words of encouragement, even family members that are not normally included in family gatherings are invited to be a part of the festivities, but sincere concern about the needs or well-being of other people is becoming very rare these days.

Concern for Others Is Needed

Concern for Others Is Needed

Hurricane Sandy, a women with her two small children knocks on a strangers door begging for help, he simply tells her that he does not know her, and closes the door, her children are swept away from her by the currents of the water. When he was told what had happened to the woman, his only reply was that she should not have been outside.

Some people have become less concerned about other people because they have been used and abused and they have turned themselves into stone emotionally, they don’t want to get hurt anymore. Others may once have tried to be helpful, only to have their efforts misunderstood. For example: You may be an expert in a field that someone else is trying to get into, and you offer your help (notice I said offer) and they take it that you are trying to run their lives, tell them what to do. So, when that happens a person’s attitude may become “what’s the Use?”

Another factor that is the cause of caring less is the envy of the success of greedy persons, and so many people (especially the young) try to copy their lack of concern.

And no doubt it, the selfishness, crudeness, hatefulness, violence that is constantly shown in movies and on TV cause many to become desensitized to the sufferings of others. How about in the family? If you have a loved one that suffers from migraine’s or insomnia, what is your attitude toward them? If you don’t have any major health concerns do you give a listening ear to your loved one?

How about our children? If someone calls to your attention that your child is a bully, or you realize that they are selfish and demanding, do you make excuses for them?

There are many other areas where concern for others is lacking. It shows up so often in bad manners. Talking and texting on the cell phone while out to dinner or lunch with friends or family, or even in a movie where others are trying to pay attention. Some people only care about those that are of the same race or culture as they are, they could see someone of another race that they don’t approve of being beaten or mugged and not feel a thing. How awful is that? And some of these people call themselves Christians and peace loving people! How often have you heard of someone being assaulted right in the streets and not only does no one try to help, but they don’t even bother to call the police.

Why do I feel this is important? Surely we appreciate concern being shown to us when we are in need. So should we not show that same concern for others that we want to be shown?

Not only that but showing concern for others gives us a sense of well-being. It is a form of giving that brings joy to the heart and the more of that, that goes around the better. Would you not agree?

Showing concern in little things as well as in big things makes for good relations with others. We can help others in dangerous situations or when illness or some other tragedy strikes. But we can can also show concern in our everyday relations. For example, when driving, we can obey the law and show respect and concern for life by not texting and also not drinking alcohol. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors you can show concern by not playing your music or TV so loud that it disturbs your neighbors.

Think about how peaceful and happy it would be if more of us showed concern for others, not just a certain time of year or special occasion but most of the time. Lack of concern brings us low, it is nothing good about it. So when you find yourself being cold and unfeeling ask yourself if you would like to be treated the same.

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