IKEA Releases Instructions on How to Build the 6 Best Blanket Fort Designs At Home in Quarantine

Photo by IKEA Russia

After spending several months in self-isolation with their kids, some parents might be running out of ideas on how to keep their kids entertained for the remainder of quarantine.

Thankfully, IKEA has published a set of how-to guides for the perfect family activity: building blanket forts.

Now just like every other set of IKEA furniture, there is some assembly required—but the Swedish company made sure to include illustrated instructions for each of their designs.

IKEA Blanket Fort 6 IKEA Rus Instagram
Photo by IKEA Russia

The Russian IKEA Instagram page published 6 blanket fort designs earlier this month, all of which can be made using such household items as pillows, chairs, tables, standing lamps, laundry pins, and—of course—blankets.

IKEA Blanket Fort 5 IKEA Rus Instagram
Photo by IKEA Russia

The designs range from classically modern blanket structures—like the Höuse and the Cåmping Tent—to more fantastical setups like the Cåstle and the Förtress. For a more outdoorsy housing design, blanket architects could try building the Wigwåm or the Cåve.

IKEA Blanket Fort 4 IKEA Rus Instagram
Photo by IKEA Russia

Although IKEA used a lot of their own furniture products for the designs, they did encourage parents to replace them with whatever home furnishings and supplies are at their disposal.

IKEA Blanket Fort 3 IKEA Rus Instagram
Photo by IKEA Russia

IKEA Russia developed the blanket fort illustrations in collaboration with advertising agency Instinct as a means of encouraging families to stay at home during quarantine—because after all, who doesn’t love blanket forts?

IKEA Blanket Fort 2 IKEA Rus Instagram
Photo by IKEA Russia

If you’ve also happened to work up an appetite from building your elaborate blanket fort structure, IKEA also released a recipe for Swedish meatballs so that families in quarantine could enjoy the delicacy from home.

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