Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter to Describe Their Quarantine in Six Words—and the Results Are Hilarious

Heeding health officials’ orders to #StayInYourHouse, you may be, at this point, only telling inside jokes. (Hah!)

But with his 51 million fans on Twitter, Jimmy Fallon was able to pull in responses from all over the globe for his Tonight Show #Hashtags segment, even though he is stuck at home— and he got some of the funniest responses, to date.

While sheltering in place, Fallon has begun producing homemade episodes for YouTube, calling them Tonight Show: At Home Edition. They feature camerawork by his wife, and occasional segments with his two young daughters. (Not only is he raising people’s spirits, he has also raised tens of thousand for a different charity each day, starting with FeedingAmerica.org.)

For his home edition of #Hashtags, Jimmy tweeted to fans asking them to describe their quarantine in six words. Fallon kicked off the hilarious social media trend by describing #MyQuarantineInSixWords: “Fine. You can paint daddy’s nails.”

@Richachoubey joined the fun by summarizing her days at home this way: “Yes Netflix, I am still watching”.

LOL.  Here are some of the other brilliant #hashtags from pent-up folks on Twitter…

hashtags snacksgone

Day one: ate all the snacks.

Oh, how we can RELATE!

hashtags longestday

Longest day of my life, everyday.

hashtag homeschooling

Expelled my kid from home school. (RFLAO)

hashtags curves

Flattening the curve, fattening my curves.

hashtags funyuns

Funyuns for dinner. Ok, breakfast too.

hoshtags hotpockets

Is 7 Hot Pockets too many? (Jimmy answered, No.)

hashtags wine

There’s not enough wine for this.

hashtags volleyball

And, perhaps the best of all, by MunaNawabit1: Very close to befriending a volleyball. 🤣

Thanks to Jimmy and The Tonight Show for the images—and making us laugh our sorrows away. See the thread, which is still going strong on Twitter, for more laughs.

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