Kids Drum Set

Great Musical Toys for Kids

Kids drum set is one of great musical toys that allow little rockers to enjoy hours of fun banging on percussion instrument while exploring music rhythm.

I personally found that a man looks cool and attractive while playing drum. But, the reason I plan to buy one for my son is simply to fulfill his hobby. He always pretends to be a musician and asks us to watch his performance at home. You probably will fell his enthusiasm if you watch my sonâs performance video below.

There are a lot of drum set options available at market place. Anyhow, they are easily to group into two main categories which are electric models and normal percussion instrument that bang by hand.

In this page, I will present great choices from both categories. They are my shortlisted models that I am going to pick one and buy for my lovely son.

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My Son’s Homemade Kids Drum Set

One day my son told me that he got performance show tonight. He asked me to reserve some time for him. My husband and me were curious what show he is going to show us at the moment we saw him get ready 2 pencils and square box which is the container for Toy Story puzzle.

We were laugh when his show was started. He is so serious to play his own unique drum. In fact, we were surprise to see his creativity and enthusiasm on drum playing. We then requested him to perform one more time so we can take video.

Look at him, he was really enjoy playing his special homemade drum. At the end of show, my son gives a salute as appreciation for us who watch his saw. After that, he asked us to applaud.

I think I worth to own a Kids Drum Set

My son is potential to become a successful salesman. Guess what? He proposed to buy him a toy drum by giving reason that he could have better performance and we would be more enjoy when look at his show.

My son continues convince me by saying: “mom, my school holiday is approaching. Since we have no travel plan, you buy me a drum so I can enjoy my holiday at home. I can play my new toy and not disturb you while you are working”.

Look at his facial expression and listen to all reasons he said; I have difficulty to reject him. This is the trigger for me to source kids drum set online recently. Anyhow, I do set a budget. I told my son that I only allocate $50 to his new toy.


Kids Eletronic Drum Set with Stool

Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Drum Set with Adjustable Sing-Along Microphone & Stool Buy Now
Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Drum Set with Adjustable Sing-Along Microphone & Stool

I think drum set with stool will be ideal pick. It could be placed at corner of our living room and my son does not require to moving around his folding chair every time he wants to play the musical toy.

I personally like this cool looking drum set which comprise of colorful drum pads match the color frame and stool.

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