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Looking For a Great King James Bible?

The King James Version of the Bible is one of the oldest, most well known versions of the Bible. Great for purchasing for your church, yourself, or your loved ones, a gift of a Bible has become a tradition in many families.

I put this page together for you to give you quick access for finding exactly what you are looking for (and at a great price!) Whether you are looking for a pew Bible or a giant print bible, a commemorative Bible, a Bible for kids, or an audio/ visual Bible, you can find it here!

King James Pew Bible

This King James Version pew bible is a great option for use as a pew bible due to its durable black cover which will withstand years of use. It contains the Holy Scriptures without commentaries.
The Bible itself is is small and compact, but the wording is easy to read. It will remain open on a desk by itself and opens wide enough that you can easily see the text that is close to the binding.

317E6TNBTRL. SL250
KJV Pew Bible
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The measurements are 8.1 x 5.6 inches and it has 1080 pages.
For sale through Amazon for $8.79, (and available for free super saver shipping)

King James Bold Print Pew Bible

This King James Version Large print pew Bible is another great pew bible, but the bolder font makes seeing the text easier in a lower lighting setting.
Just as the pew Bible described above, this hardcover Bible will hold up well even with long term use in a Church setting. This Bible contains the Holy text only without reference text throughout.

21BH162237L. SL250
Boldtext Pew Bible
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The measurements on this Bible are 8 x 5.2 inches and it has 1311 pages.
Amazon has this Bible for sale right now for $9.56 (and it is eligible for free super saver shipping)

King James Giant Print Bible

This red imitation leather, giant print King James Version Bible is great if you are looking for a Bible that is easier to read than a regular or a bold print version.
The text is black and the words of Christ are in red. This Bible is full of references and study aids as well.

41DP85eYKfL. SL250
KJV Giant Print Bible
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The measurements on this Bible are 9.6 x 6.2 inches and is 1416 pages..
Amazon has this Bible on sale for $17.09 (and is eligible for free shipping)

King James Study Bible

This King James version study Bible is an excellent option if you are looking for a great study Bible with accurate wording of the words of Christ. The print is easy to read and has many features, and maps, and commentaries.

51f9MMPqRAL. SL250
Holy Bible King James Version Study …
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This study Bible measures 7.1 x 10 inches and has 2208 pages.
Amazon has this for sale for only $38.44 (and it is eligible for free shipping)

King James Commemorative Edition Bible

This King James Version Commemorative edition Bible contains the authentic spellings, capitalization, and punctuation used by the 1611 translators themselves. It is written in Roman font which makes it easier to read and is great for Bible history collectors.

1611 King James Version, Commemorati…
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The measurements on this Bible are 9.5 x 6.4 and it has 1534 pages.
This Bible is for sale through Amazon for only $36.21

King James Bible For Kids

This King James Bible for kids has a kid friendly appearance with its two tone binding and a presentation page for gift giving. It is thin and fits easily in a backpack or desk.
This Bible has the complete text of the King James Version Bible with the words of Christ in red.

51pdVBh5X+L. SL250
King James Version Bible for Kids
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It measures 5.7 x 8.8 inches and has 1248 pages.
Amazon has this Bible for sale for only $15.59 (and it is eligible for free shipping)

King James Audio Visual Bible

What would you do if you had a King James Bible that is both visual and audio?
The first thing that appealed to me was the ability to have this audio Bible read the King James text in the background while I am doing computer work. This Bible works on your desktop, your smartphone and even your tablet. It contains all the books of the Bible as well as countless maps and other resources!
Special priced at only $10, this King James audio visual Bible is available for immediate download.
To take a better look and to see the desktop demo, just click here to take a look at it.
Even while using the free desktop demo, you are able to chose any of the various books of the Bible and listen as the full text is being read to you!

Bible Covers For Sale

If you are looking for a great Bible cover to protect your Bible, Amazon has a few great options that are for sale at a great price. Using one of these covers will keep your bible safe and will add many years onto the life of Bible.
Below are just a sampling of the covers that are available for sale on the Amazon site.
For a more complete list and to find one with the measurements you need, click on any of the Bible covers below to take a look at them in more detail, as well as some of the other covers that are currently in stock.

Embassy Alligator Embossed Burgundy …
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31CnR7hJX9L. SL160
Leather Bible Cover
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51ALA2ifPIL. SL160
Green “Faith” Bible / Book C…
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