Makeup Organizer with Mirror

I need a makeup organizer with mirror. All the while, I keep my cosmetic products, skin care, hairband and any other accessories that I need to use daily under my computer desk. I like to browse eNews before go out in the early morning. And so I put those personal stuffs under my computer desk so that I can apply skin care products while reading news.

The main problem is that my computer desk becomes more and more messy. I need an organizer to address my storage issue. And, I need a mirror as well. So that I do not need to go bathroom for check my appearance before I setup out from my house.

The makeup organizer with mirror as left-side corner is fulfilling my requirement. It comes with multiple levels with swing-out doors that offering ample room for skin care products and cosmetic items. I was thinking to free up some space beside my computer monitor so that I can place the organizer there. Click here for product details if you are interested too.


Makeup Organizer with Mirror and Drawers

In case you are looking makeup organizer for small spaces, then these two units are ideal pick. Both of them are made of durable acrylic and feature two sided mirror with 1x and 3x magnification options.

Additionally, they also come with drawers. If you need more drawers to keep your eyeliners or any other small jewelry, then consider the left-side one as it has three more drawers compare to the right-side unit.

As the pictures shown, their compartment design and the shape are different. The dimension of left-side one is 11 3/4″W x 6 1/4″D x 7 3/4″H while right-side one is 9.5 x 5.4 x 14 inches. I personally love the tall one as it will not occupy so much space of countertop.

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Makeup Rolling Organizer Stand with Mirror

If you are makeup artists, then you this type of makeup rolling organizer stand with mirror definitely could fulfill your job requirement.

They are multifunction makeup organizer but come with lightweight and wheeled case. This portable organizers act like free standing makeup station and they has different size compartment for you to put all the makeup kits and easily in finding products you needed.

The left-side one features adjustable legs and six 40watt lights with soft yellow bulbs. You are allowed to upgrade to 60watt to fulfill your needed. On the other hand, the right-side one is made of heavy-duty leather and it is easy cleanup due to its spill-resistant interior.

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Makeup Organizer with Mirror

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