The Moby Carrier

Baby slings are great because they help to hold your baby close making your baby feel safe and letting you have your hands free.

As your baby gets older it enables you to have close contact with each other letting you interact with your child. Dad can wear it too letting him get the contact usually only experienced by mum.

When your baby is still tiny you can even protect your baby under your coat and people might think you are still pregnant!

The Moby Carrier is an ideal sling. You can put it on before you leave the house and then transfer your baby from the car into the sling in seconds.

Lets have a look at the baby sling in some more detail …

Are you looking for a cheap Moby Wrap?

Are you looking for a cheap Moby Wrap?

Moby wrap baby carriers are available in a huge range of solid colours and the prices quite often vary on the different colors so if you aren’t too fussy about color then you could get yourself a bargain at amazon by clicking on the different color choices.

The slings are made from 100% cotton making them breathable and completely washable with a one way stretch.

As well as the solid colors the wraps are also available in a range of prints and designs for a more individual wrap.

Moby Wrap Baby Sling is Better for Baby

Moby Wrap Baby Sling is Better for Baby

The moby wrap holds your baby close to you and because this allows you to have skin to skin contact with your baby it makes it feel safe and secure as if being carried in your arms which will help you to create a strong parental bond and will usually soothe and calm restless babies.

The moby sling is made from one continuous piece of fabric and covers the whole shoulder with a single wide piece of fabric so that the weight of your baby is evenly distributed across both shoulders which makes it much more comfortable and enables you to wear it for longer periods.

Moby Wrap is suitable for Newborns

Moby Wrap is suitable for Newborns

Because the moby sling is made from one piece of fabric it makes it suitable for tiny babies. Not just newborns but premature babies too.

Your newborn can snuggle up against you and get comfort from your closeness while allowing you to have both hands free.

The moby carrier wraps around you creating 3 different sections of fabric that will hold your baby close to you and give her the correct postural support and is suitable until your baby weighs 35 pounds.

Moby Wrap Baby Wraps are also suitable for Nursing

Moby Wrap Baby Wraps are also suitable for Nursing

You don’t even have to take your moby wrap off to nurse your baby.

We all know that nursing is one of the most natural things but this doesn’t stop new mothers from feeling embarrassed about feeding your baby outside of the home. The moby sling is ideal for this as not only does it support your baby during nursing but the fabric also helps to conceal your breast helping you to feel much more comfortable when your baby wants feeding in a public place.

Have you ever used a Baby Carrier?
I used a sling when my children were babies – I loved the closeness that it gave me.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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