Multi-Color Chest of Drawers for Kids Bedroom

Finally, both of us agree to have a multi-color chest of drawers for my son’s bedroom. I had some conflict with my son while we are sourcing new furniture.

I prefer those furniture features adorable animal s or animated movie characters such as superheroes. I personally found that this kind of furniture adds a touch of vivid sense to a kid’s bedroom. However, my son has a different opinion. He said that they denoted childishly.

He then further requested me to respect his decision. After all, the furniture is going to be placed in his bedroom to replace the old one. Luckily we found the following options that both of us are agreed that they are impressive ones and suitable for kids’ bedrooms.

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Multi-Color Chest of Drawers with Fabric Storage Bin. #ad
 Multi color Storage Chest

Kids Bedroom 4 Drawers Multi-Color Wooden Dresser. #ad
Kids Bedroom Multi-Color Dresser

Colorful Kids Chest of Drawers. #ad
Colorful chest of drawers

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