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On this page I will share some of my latest ideas on what to make out of paracord. These paracord ideas are just things I have personally made and might inspire you to try a few out as well. I will also provide you with a few hints on hot to make these items, which should help you make them easier.
The basic items you will need are paracord 550, plastic buckles and scissors/lighter. 
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Paracord necklace

Paracord necklace is one of those projects that people first try out. It is practical and fairly easy to make. I make most (including the one on the image) through the process of braiding. It is made out of four strands of cord. 

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A paracord bracelet

Making a paracord bracelet is one of the most common projects people do. Paracord bracelets look great, store paracord that can be used in a variety of situations, as well as are easy to make. Paracord crafts in general have an advantage of being easy to get into and bracelets are one of the most basic items people make when starting out.

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Paracord collar

Dog items such as paracord leashes, collars and harnesses are a common sight in the paracord crafts. These are perfect items to make with the use of paracord. Paracord is strong and any tensions and pulls are easily absorbed by paracord. I find these kind of items to be one of the best uses for paracord. They are also very popular, so making them is a great idea!

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Paracord donut

This item is made almost exclusively to stopre paracord. It is one of my favorite ways to store paracord. It does so in a quick deploy way, so you can easily remove just the amount of cord you need. The paracord donut is great for travelling and survival purposes, because it stores an ample amount of cord while still being very compact.

My latest paracord project ideas85494

Paracord keychain

One of the last paracord ideas I will feature is the keychain. There are a ton of tutorials available online. In the image you can see the most popular paracord keychain which is often named the box knot keychain. The knot used is naturally called the box knot and it is a fairly versatile knot to use. The keychain is a great way to keep a bit of paracord around for times of need, so this is one of the more sought after items made from paracord.

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