Online Conference April 14-16 Using Covid-19 Crisis to Fix the World

“I cannot think of another time in the last million years when our species has been united against a common enemy,” said David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School genetics professor, in an interview with Peter Diamandis.

We are all stuck at home. We can either stay huddled in fear or use this as an activation moment.

Instead of watching an endless stream of great TV, a team from Singularity University is spending their time engaging with thought leaders from around the world to problem-solve for a better future.

“If we don’t transform now, our leaders will take us back to where we were and unprepared for the next global pandemic—not to mention climate change” and other pressing problems, says Kent Langley, Co-founder of the ExO Foundation, which is launching the ExO World Summit, April 14-16.

Guided by Paul Romer’s reminder that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”,  147 partners who are committed to the greater good with the aim of harnessing emerging technologies will converge online to develop ideas for transforming our global institutions.

Silicon Valley strategist and entrepreneur, Salim Ismail, author of the bestselling book Exponential Organizations, came up with the idea for the ExO World Summit. “Let’s convene our global leadership and reinvent it,” he asserted. “I don’t think of this as an opportunity—I think it’s an obligation.”

And, true to the group’s altruistic goals, all the proceeds from the event will go towards funding the programs that are developed.

ExO World will feature speakers like Peter Diamandis, Jason Silva, United Nations President Maria Fernanda, Former Mexico President Vicente Fox, Dr. Daniel Kraft, Andres Roemer, X-Prize CEO Anousheh Ansari, Steven Kotler, Salim Ismail, and more.

With a capacity of 100,000 attendees, the digital conference will feature an entirely virtual main stage, expo booths, networking zone, individual session/panel rooms, digital entertainment, and contributions from celebrities and heads of state. After each main session, breakout sessions will host dynamic conversations in many languages and topics, and a digital goodie bag will be presented to each attendee.

Teaming up with Singularity University and the 4000 members of OpenExO, are partners like the X Prize Foundation, Abundance360, Vortex, HighVibe, Rokk3r, Fastrack Institute and others.

Before Covid-19, events like this would usually cost thousands of dollars per person. The price for ExO World Transformation Summit has been set at below $200 to allow many more voices to the conversation. (And, all proceeds from the event will go towards initiatives that arise within it.)

GNN co-owner Anthony Samadani has secured a special rate for a limited number of tickets just for our viewers who want access to the entire three days of keynotes, sessions, and networking—and the opportunity to generate your own good news.

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