Online Universities

The Advantages of Online Universities

Online universities are often given a bad rap. However, many online students are working students. Some of these working students also have family obligations. Online universities have offered many an opportunity to return to school. There are several advantages that online universities offer students.
1.) Flexibility, online universities are quite flexible. Students of online universities still have a deadline to meet for assignments, and class participation, but this deadline is usually midnight on a certain day of the week.
2.) Affordability, online universities are a bit more affordable for students than traditional universities. Oftentimes, students of traditional universities will have to relocate to begin classes. These students need to pay moving costs, room and board, and many other extra expenses that come along with being a student of a traditional university.
3.) Convenience, online universities offer students the convenience of logging into the classroom anywhere there is an Internet connection. Students of traditional universities often have to meet in a classroom setting at a specified time during the week. Students of online universities need only have an Internet connection and they can go to class twenty four hours a day seven days a week.
Many graduates of online universities make mistakes when creating their resumes. These students often make the mistake of stating they went to the online campus. This is okay, however, students must also state to employers where the employer can find his or her transcripts to verify the statements made in the resume.
Oftentimes employers have a problem locating the transcripts for graduates of online universities. When employers cannot locate the transcripts and verify the educational credentials, they are oftentimes put into a position where they want to hire the graduate of the online university, because everything looks and sounds great, but they cannot. They often do not hire graduates of online universities if they cannot locate the transcripts of the potential employee’s education.
So, if you are a student of an online university about to prepare your resume, you should take note to prepare the resume stating where his or her transcripts can be located.

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