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The Biggest Challenge Online Marketers Face- Want To Know?

Each time I go online whether in forums or social networking sites more are trying to figure out how to become part of the internet gold rush. The possibilities are unlimited to create great income online, but it is not easy for newbies to become part of the success story. The competition is getting though for those who don’t know what are they doing. This can lead waste of valuable time and money.
I read an article online by Brain Fanale title: Why Is There a 95% Failure Rate With Home Based Businesses? According to Brain reason for such a failure rate is simplicity and support. Is this really true? Well not all the truth in my opinion. There are more to that than just support and simplicity. By the way this is a big number when the internet promises the average person to create unlimited wealth especially preached by the gurus.
Don’t worry I will soon revealed the number #1 secret why so many will not make in their internet businesses. This is something so many successful online marketers know, but fail to tell the new person. This is so obvious, you will kick yourself for not paying more attention to it.
In all businesses you got know the fundamentals. That’s the key to anything you want to achieve. Whether in sports or raising a child, without it you will limit yourself to success. Making money online requires few things and process you must know if you are going to make it. One reason why people failure online is lack of capital. There are so many free places online to market your business, but if you don’t have the money to speed up or invest, then I think you have a long road ahead of you to make any money immediately.
Finally the reason so many people fail online miserably is because they don’t have the fundamental of traffic generation. This is the key my friend because without traffic coming to your website you got no business. This is the bread and butter of the internet.

Traffic=visitors=leads=sales simple as that. That’s why I decided to focus 95% of my time generating traffic to all my sites and I encourage you to do the same. The free traffic generation all work but having a little money to invest in your business will do so much good. The good news is online marketing is the cheapest and least expensive way to do business compare it to all the overheads offline requires.
It doesn’t matter whether you have the best products and services in the world if you don’t know how to market it and drive traffic there no one will see it. You have to learn to put it in front of a massive crowd plus value. I’m sorry your beautiful website will not solve your problem either. Learn to become a great marketer and focus on traffic generation and you will be called one of the guru soon I guaranteed. Traffic is the direct result of any online business success. Simple formula but very essential to your online success.
In conclusion, as you already know the biggest challenge online marketers face it’s time to put in 95% of your time into this. Knowing to market your business and focusing on generating leads will do you greatness. Decrease your frustration and start increasing your online success.
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