Over the Door Pantry Organizer with Hooks

Pantry Organizer Over the Door

How do you feel when looking at the corner photo? It looks neat and easy to access all the items, right? Yes, this is the main benefit that an over the door pantry organizer with hooks. Better still, it keeps us away from the troublesome installation. With hooks, we just need to hang it over the door.

As my son is growing up and he is getting demand on the different types of snacks for refreshment sessions especially tea time, we need to keep quite a number of snacks in the pantry. Due to limited space, this kind of organizer is our ideal pick. Like the photo shown, it comes with different sizes of storage shelves to cater to different sizes of items.

The following info is gained from an owner about the basket size: “The deeper baskets are 14″ wide in the front and 16″ wide in the back and the shallow baskets are 15″ wide. The deeper ones are 7″ from front to back and the shallow ones are 4″ from front to back. The larger ones are 5″ deep and the smaller is 2″ deep.”

You may need this info to judge whether it is suited to store your items. The overall dimension is 17″ W x 5.25″ D x 51″ H. For me, it provides enough storage space with its interlocking shelves that could be adjusted to customize height space based on our requirements.

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Over the Door Pantry Organizer with Hooks Come with 6 Baskets

Pantry Organizer Over the DoorOrganize It All Basic Overdoor 6-Basket Unit. #adpriceOver the Door Pantry Organizer with HooksVinyl Covered Steel Overdoor Storage Rack. #adprice

There are two more options for you to consider. There also come with 6 shelves as the top unit for you to keep snacks, spices, instant drink pack, and even Ziploc bags.

The dimension of left-side unit is 19.5 x 7.5 x 59 inches whereby right-side one is 19 x 5 x 60 inches. Yes, they are almost the same size.

There are some customers of left-side unit commend that the parts are good in term of quality. The thick plastic could snap into place tightly. The shelve size is deep enough to fit most things snugly. There is a lady who does in-home daycare said it depends on the thickness of the door and hers one has no issue even the door been opened and shut many times within a week.

On the other hand, the right-side pantry organizer can be mounted to a wall if you plan to store pan lid covers or any other heavy things. Being said that, there are some customers who just hang it over the door and they are happy with a large amount of storage space that it offers.

Over the Door Pantry Organizer with Hooks (Large)

Pantry Organizer Over the DoorPanacea Grayline Back-of-The-Door Organizer. #adpriceover the door pantry organizer largeAdjustable 8-Tier Wall And Door Rack 18-Inch. #adprice

I personally consider buying these large over the door pantry organizer with hooks. I have no many items to store at this moment, but I may need much more space during the celebration period.

Furthermore, we are unable to open the door completely after hanging an organizer behind regardless it is half or full height as the door. So, it makes no difference in terms of space saver over the door.

If you also have the same thinking as mine, consider these two pantry organizers which come with eight adjustable shelves. By having such a large organized for kitchen essentials storing, you make use of space behind the door and free up some space in the kitchen cabinet.

The left-side unit is 17.5″ wide x 76″ high and 6.5″ deep. The shelves and surrounds that attach to this frame are all adjustable in order to fit items’ height. One of the happy buyers said: “Heavy-duty, sturdy and professional appearance. Even comes with two pieces that hold tall items securely in place.”

The right-side unit is from a well-known brand CloseMaid. This pantry organizer package comes with all hardware that needed for easy assembly. Same as other units, it also features adjustable shelves so users manage to customize the height of the rack to accommodate both tall and short items.

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