The Sky’s The Limit

The sky may be the limit, but it’s not something that you want to see when you’re on the inside of your house.  Believe it or not, there are people that have roofs that have so deteriorated, that you can see the sky from inside of their home.  And yes, I’ve known people that had that condition.  It’s not so bad in the summer, but when they got snow in the winter, well suddenly it wasn’t so fun any more.

Obviously they had plenty of warning signs before the snow fell in, but for whatever reasons, they weren’t able to take care of the problem until it was really bad.  That’s the case so often isn’t it, that we wait until something is really bad before we step up to the plate and handle it.

I’m going to suggest to you, that you don’t wait that long, but you do something about it way before then.  Should you live in the  Calgary area of Alberta, I have a company that would love to help you get that roof taken care of before it’s to late.  The name of the company is PDQ Roofing.


Putting a roof on can be a disaster...
if you’re not a professional. Why risk it?

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About PDQ Roofing

While I’ve recently had people out to look at my roof, I can guarantee you that they didn’t do the basics to know what would work well for me or my home.  Which is one of the reasons I’m writing this Sirgo, so that you don’t have the same challenges.  Luckily, I was able to do research and see the errors of my ways before getting someone that was incompetent to work on my roof.  

That leads us to the questions and skill set that a company like PDQ Roofing has over much of the competition.  First of all they’ve been in business since 1956.  That’s a lot of years, 59 years this year.  That’s a long time, and in a highly competitive business, that’s a sound statement by anyone’s standards.  The fact that they’re in Calgary is also critical.  Why?  Because they get snow and if the roofing work isn’t done to up to code standards, they’d be out of business, not coming up on 60 years.


Part of a sound roofing company...
is found in how long they’ve been in business.

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Questions To Ask A Valid Roofing Company

Great roofing company’s will encourage you to ask questions, especially if it’s your first time getting your roof done.  Great roofing companies will also ask you a lot of questions to confirm that you are getting what you need.  Which by the way may not always be what you want.  The why behind this is simple.  If you don’t know about roofs, and only care what it looks like, well you may not be getting the proper roof for your home.

What does this look like?  Where do you live?  What are the weather conditions that you are expecting?  How long do you want your roof to last?  What are the best materials for your roof?  And how do you want it to look from the curb?  That’s right, curb appeal does matter, as well as your pocket book matters.  If you are doing business with sharks, then they will not care what’s best for you, but rather what’s going to pad their pocket the best.

Remember, I told you we had someone come out and look at our roof.  They wanted 8,000 dollars to repair it.  They never got up on top to see if it was sturdy, even when I asked them about it.  The bottom line was that we didn’t need a brand new roof and it cost us a fraction of what the one company wanted to charge. 

Get references from the company’s that come out, as well as getting a minimum of 3 bids for your place.  After all, it’s not them that’s going to pay for the mistake(s), it’s you!



Find out what's best for you...
and the roof with it!

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