Personalizing Your iPad Device

Personalizing Your iPad – Basic Settings

Let us see the basic things related to
operating your iPad. When you have purchased an iPad and set it up
properly, the next step would be to personalize it. Let us see with
simple step by step instructions how you can do so. It can be easy and fun! Presented to you by –

Simple Settings To Personalize Your Apple iPad

Personalizing Your iPad HomeScreen & Lock Screen:

first thing you can do to customize your iPad is to change the
background images for wallpaper and the lock screen. This is quite easy
to do. You can learn within a few minutes how to do this.

For doing this, first go into iPad settings -> choose “Brightness
and Wallpaper” from the left menu. Choose “Wallpaper” option from
Brightness setting. When you are at this screen, you are presented with
various options to choose your home Wallpaper. You can either choose the
default ones that are present in your Apple iPad or you can choose any
other image you have downloaded from the internet as your background.
You can choose a background for the home screen as well as the lock
screen. Lock screen appears when your iPad gets locked after a certain
period of inactivity.

Since, you don’t wear the same
clothes everyday, why would you want to have the same home screen on
your lovely iPad all the time? You can change it to something fancy by
downloading any image you love from the internet and using it as a
background. Lovely nature images, or pics of mountains, rivers, cars,
flowers or whatever else catches your fancy!

You can
find some cool nature pictures to use from the following sites – Nature
pics on Photobucket, Flickr, Pinterest or other such sites.

Other Personalization Settings:

Personalize Sound Alerts– You can also customize your iPad with sounds it makes like custom ring tone, custom email alerts, custom reminder alerts etc.

Setting a custom ringtone is super easy. Just go into iPad settings
–> choose Sounds from the left menu. Choose ringtone or text tone
from the menu that appears. You will be presented with a list of all the
sounds you can use. You can even play the sounds to get a preview.
Choose the one that you like and that’s it! You are done! See how easy
and fun it was.

Create Folders – Another
cool way to personalize your iPad is to create folders and arrange the
icons in an orderly manner. It looks neat and you can easily navigate
and find what you are looking for. It is very simple to do this. Simply
drop an app on top of another. You will notice as you move an app over
another, that particular app is highlighted by a square. Now, as you
lift your finger, a folder will be created. You can add more icons to
this folder by dragging icons and dropping them here.

You can have
lot more fun on your iPad if you knwo the details of how it works. You
can even impress your friends. It is an amazing device and has many
uses. People are using it in the education industry, businessmen are
using it to increase their productivity, people are using it to learn
new things, play games, stay connected on social sites and do a lot more
things. You can learn more tips and tricks and find beginner to
intermediate level iPad tutorials so that you can have more fun with the device.

Personalizing Your iPad Device96089

The Settings Tab On Your iPad

Settings Tab– You can do lot more customization by going into the
settings tab and choosing settings for various things according to your
preference. Like you can add a mail account, turn push notifications off
or on for specific apps, adjust the iPad’s brightness, turn wifi on or
off, change the default search engine from Google to either Yahoo or
Bing etc. Once you go into settings, you can find all these options.

To go into settings, simply tap on the icon which looks like gears revolving

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