Plastic Storage Drawers Inexpensive Organizing

Plastic Drawers For The Storage You Need

For me plastic storage drawers are more then just a storage unit. I also use them almost like furniture to hold my paints (I’m an artist), to put my clothes and linen in and also to put important papers and other stuff I need at hand.

I did a short video just for this leaf of how I use some of the storage drawers I have. You can find it at the bottom of this lens. Try to overlook the mess in the rooms. Being an artist my concentration is more on the art then cleaning up.

There are so many uses for these things you could probably never run out of ideas for what to use them for. Since they come in different shapes and sizes you are bound to find one that will fit just about any need you have.

Anyway this lens will give you a look at some of these plastic storage units with drawers and hopefully you’ll find something that fits your needs.

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Some Storage Drawers On Wheels

An Easy Way To Get Your Storage Unit From Room To Room

I love the mobility of the plastic storage drawers on wheels, especially the one I have my paints in because sometimes I have to move it around to get it out of my way when I’m painting.

Some folks fill these guys up with a bunch of stuff and then have to move them from one room to another. That’s when those wheels really come in handy.

It keeps you from having to carry a load of stuff a little at a time and making several trips if you want to take things from say a drawer in your bedroom to store in a closet of another room.

You simply stuff the drawers with whatever and roll it to the other room. Now isn’t that great?

Plastic Storage Drawers On Wheels
3-Drawer Wide Cart with See-Through Drawers
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7-Drawer Storage Cart
7-Drawer Cart with See-Through Drawers
buy from tan

Iris 6-Drawer Storage System
Iris 6-Drawer Storage System
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Iris Scrapbook Chest with Drawers
Iris Scrapbook Chest with Organizer Top
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Iris Scrapbooking Cart
Iris Scrapbooking Cart
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Color Plastic Storage Drawers On Wheels
Advantus 10-Drawer Rolling Organizer
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Stackable Plastic Drawers

Get ’em As You Need ’em

What makes
the stackable plastic storage drawers so great is that you can get as
many as you need for now and if you find you need more later you can
get them and stack them right on top of the others.

The fact that they are stackable also
saves room. Because if you think about it you have more room in your
house going up then you do spread across. These drawers allow you to
stack them pretty high without the worry of them falling down on you.

They snap together and once they are
together it’s like they were made that way. They let you get your
home, office or garage more organize a little bit at a time if need

These guys are very durable so you can
store a lot of stuff in them. Anything from linen to tools can be put
in these things. You can designate different drawers for different
kinds of items or have different stacks for items that are of the
same nature. You can even mix and match stacks.

Whatever you decide, these stacking
drawers are flexible enough to go along with it.

Stackable Plastic Storage Drawers
IRIS 17 Quart Medium Stackable

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16-Quart Stacking Drawer
Sterilite 16-Quart Stacking

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27-Quart Plastic Stacking Drawers
Sterilite 27-Quart

buy from tan

Narrow Underbed Plastic Stacking Drawer
Narrow Underbed Stacking

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Iris 7 Qt. Plastic Stacking Drawer
Iris 7 Qt. Stacking Drawer
buy from tan

RIS 32 Quart Large Stackable Plastic Drawer
IRIS 32 Quart Large Stackable

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Colorful Stackable Drawers

Add Some Color To Your Organizing

The storage
containers in this section are for the folks that don’t just want to
store stuff, but also want the units their stuff is stored in to look
good. These colorful stackable units do that well. Each one of the
colored bins are 17 quart and comes in a set of four.

You can have all of one color or mix
colors like an artist for a painting. These colorful bins can
actually add to the decor of a room. Take a look for yourself.

Blue Color Plastic Stacking Drawer
IRIS Stacking Drawer
Transparent Blue

buy from tan

Pink Color Plastic Stacking Drawer
IRIS Stacking Drawer
Transparent Pink

buy from tan

Green Color Plastic Stacking Drawer
IRIS Stacking Drawer
Transparent Green

buy from tan

Orange Color Plastic Stacking Drawer
Stacking Storage Drawer Trans

buy from tan

Navy Color Plastic Stacking Drawer
IRIS 17 Quart Navy Stacking

buy from tan

Pistachio Color Plastic Stacking Drawer
Stacking Storage Drawer Trans

buy from tan

Plastic Parts Drawers

Storage For Your Small Odds And Ends

With the
plastic parts storage drawers you can keep your itty bitty stuff that
can sometimes be hard to keep track off. Stuff like nails, screws,
pins, sewing accessories, buttons and other small things. These units
have multiple drawers that you can clearly see through so you see
what you’re looking for when you need it.

You can organize the unit by rolls to
make it even easier to find things. Like a roll for different
buttons, a roll for screws, and nuts, a roll for different pins and
so on and so on. You can really make your life easier with these

Plastic Parts Storage Drawers
Akro-Mils 64-Drawer Plastic
Parts Storage Craft Cabinet

buy from tan

Plastic Parts Storage Drawers Red and Gray
Akro Mils Plastic Hardware
Cabinet Red and Gray

buy from tan

Plastic Parts Storage Drawers Gray
Akro-Mils Plastic Parts
Storage Craft Cabinet Gray

buy from tan

Yellow/Grey Plastic Parts Storage Drawers
Akro-Mils Plastic Parts
Storage Hardware Cabinet Yellow/Grey

buy from tan

Black/Grey Plastic Parts Storage Drawers
Akro-Mils Plastic Parts
Storage Cabinet Black/Grey

buy from tan

39 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Drawers
Stack-On 39 Drawer Storage

buy from tan

Why You Should Consider Plastic Storage Units

Keeping Your Stuff Nice Neat And Organized For You

It doesn’t
matter what type plastic storage drawers you set your mind on the
fact is they will help you keep your area more organized. We all know
what a great convenience having drawers are, we’ve had them all of
our lives.

The advantage of the plastic drawers
are they are more lightweight, easier to move around and everybody’s
favorite, they are less expensive then the other drawers we are use
to. These drawers are even more flexible because they are not just
designated to one or two purposes.

The next time you’re thinking about
storing things away for the winter or storing something until you
have to use it again, don’t just get some storage bin or box to stuff
a bunch of things in. Keep it all organized with plastic storage

Here are a few more units you might
want to consider.

InterDesign Plastic Storage Drawers
InterDesign Clear Drawers
buy from tan

LEGO Workstation Plastic Storage Unit
IRIS LEGO 6-Case Workstation
and Storage Unit

buy from tan

Preschool Plastic Storage Unit
Preschool Storage Unit with
20-Tray Cubbie

buy from tan

What Are Your Thoughts On These Plastic Storage Bins?

Will you be storing your winter stuff away for the summer? How are you planning to do your storing? Have you ever used or do you now use plastic storage drawers?

Come on, get involved, I would like to hear your thoughts on these storage drawers and what you thought of this leaf.

Leave a comment and let me know. And if you like the lens please feel free to Squidoo like it, Facebook like it and tell your friends. Thanks

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