Safety Rules Every Baseball Player Needs

Baseball Safety Made Simple

If all players remain aware of what’s going on around them, baseball safety can be significantly increased. Depending on the league and the age of the players, it may be necessary to remind everyone to follow the rules and wear the proper gear at all times. The coach and manager should not only encourage players to play their best, but also to do everything they can to ensure safety. You can reduce the risks of injuries and accidents by adhering to the following baseball safety principles.

First of all, coaches should be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries players may have. In some cases, for example, it might not be a good idea for someone to play if an injury hasn’t completely healed. Injuries that happen during game play need to be immediately assessed. Some players will try to put up a brave front and act like they aren’t badly hurt, but coaches or managers have to use their best judgment and decide if medical attention should be sought. Most usually a sprained ankle or shoulder injury is only exacerbated by continuing to play.

One thing not too many people know about that can be dangerous are the type of bases used during play. It can be easy to hurt a foot, ankle or leg if a player slides deep into a stationary base. In the case of headfirst slides, a player can even injure their hand, arm or head. One solution to this is using breakaway bases, that are designed to come apart when someone slides into them. These bases are stable during normal play. This helps reduce injuries so be sure to suggest them if your league isn’t already using them. Teach your players proper methods for sliding into bases and what to look for when sliding into a stationary base.

In addition to helmets batters can use other gear to protect themselves too. Batting gloves help lessen the impact when the ball is hit. This not only helps the hitter get a better grip on the bat, but it protects the hand and wrist. Another good protection piece to have is wrist guards. Consider the use of a mouth guard if your helmet isn’t equipped with a facemask. Protecting your mouth and teeth from speeding balls is important. It’s always a good idea to over protect yourself especially since batting is the most dangerous situation for a player to be in.

Safety should always be an area of concern in baseball, and it’s often the little things that make a difference. The rules of safety are important for everyone, but young players in particular have to be watched and frequently reminded of how to play responsibly. Most injuries in baseball can be prevented by adhering to the kind of sensible safety tips we’ve covered in this article.

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