Search Engine Optimization for Authors

Learn the SECRETS of SEO

A new book on the subject of self publishing.

Assisting Authors to self publish: printed or digital books.

Drawn from real self publishing experiences.

Informs about all the things that you need to know about publishing a book.

Tells you many secrets and insider experiences.

Importantly this is a self help guide to Do It Yourself SEO: Search Engine Optimization, which it de-mystifies.

Essential for all those who want to be published, those who already are, because all writers have to survive and thrive in the new world of digital methods for reaching readers.

An Expose of the Publishing On Demand Industry

An Expose of the Publishing On Demand Industry

An increasingly common story:

I recently spoke to an author who is now onto his third book, the publisher has told him that he must do lots more work himself to promote the book, maybe by posting items onto a website and to join discussions on social networking sites and do book promotion and signing days etc: All at his own expense.
At first all this seems logical and sensible, but when you realize that all such activity was once the reason for getting a publisher in the first place and currently this work is being thrown back to the author. If that is the case you may ask why does the publisher still require such a high percentage? When, if this work was done on the basis as being a self publishing task,independently and not using intermediaries, then such an author will be overall better rewarded for such work… this is the purpose of this book.
How an author can get published; be it by physical Print on Demand methods or by the options for Download On Demand, Digital Publishing and be better rewarded for doing so.
Inevitably if you publish on Amazon KINDLE and you probably have to, your returns will be lower than doing your own publishing – from a website that you own; which in most circumstances, considering the requirements in promoting your own work, you need to have anyway.
It’s due to these issues, the need for do-it-yourself SOE along with relating some unusual but not unique self publishing experiences and advice that forms the function of this book.

One of the ‘secrets’ in the Book – Kit is given away FREE here.

See what author Tahir Shah says about authors and self publishing. PublishersStone Age publishers.

The BOOK – KIT is available now -> on KINDLE

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