Space Saving Table with Storage

We are sourcing a space saving table with storage to fulfill our daily needs. Before we are moving in, we did plan to convert the smallest room in the new house into a home office. It will be my son’s study room as well when he back from school. Hence, we need three sets of the space-saving table with storage in a small room.

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Space Saving Fold Out Table

space saving table with storageFold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk. #adBuy NowFold-Out Convertible Desk with StorageFold-Out Convertible Desk with Storage. #adBuy Now

I am planning to buy this type of space saving fold-out table for my husband and son. Both of them only spent night time on their ad hoc tasks. When not in use, the table could fold up and it looks like a wall mount cabinet like the one presented in the right-side picture.

When folding the desk down, you would reveal a convenient storage area. The main difference between these two space saving table with storage is the left-side one comes with a blackboard while the right-side one has a cork-board internally.

My son loves the left-side one as he can write some notes without fold down the desk but my husband prefers to keep his notes secretly. Well, it depends on personal choice. You may click on the Amazon button to check the product details and reviews written by buyers before making a buying decision.

Space Saver Table with Storage

Fold Out Convertible Study WorkstationFolding Desk with Bookshelf Cabinet. #adBuy NowWhite Floating Desk with StorageWhite Floating Desk with Storage. #adBuy Now

I am considering these two options of space saving table with storage. I need more storage space as I am the one who spent most of the time in my home office. Besides some hard-copy files and stationery, I would like to keep some books that I am reading.

I was attracted to the left-side storage shelves with the desk as it offers lots of storage space. And, it allows two people to sit face to face. It is great when I need to guide my son for doing his homework.

However, I love the design of the right-side table. It looks super tidy without legs. When you want to use, just pull down the desk. It comes with two removable shelves that ideal for speakers, electronic devices, books, or photographs. It purposely designed as a computer desk as it features cable and wire management.

I am almost making a buying decision after reading the following product reviews written by an owner:

“I really like this desk. It opens up the floor underneath my desk and makes it looks so clean. The cords are kept hidden away and tidy. I put mine in a corner where a normal desk makes it seem so dark but this desk brightens it up and is very functional. There is a short horizontal piece behind where you keep the monitor (you can see it in the pictures) and this covers part of the hanging system but I have found it very useful by purchasing peel and stick dry erase board and attaching it so that now it’s a mini dry erase area great for little notes and inspirational quotes. “

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