Squidcrafter Review

What Is Squidcrafter?

Squidcrafter is a software program that allows you to easily create great looking Squidoo lenses. This in turn can improve click through rate, which will help you sell more (and earn more commission)! It also provides a sense of pride when you see the neat lenses you have created and added to your Squidoo portfolio. In this article I provide and honest review of Squidcrafter, giving my opinions on the program and listing the pros and cons as I see them.

This article will be helpful for any lensmasters wishing to take their Squidoo efforts to the next level, and improve the look and feel of their lenses. It is also helpful for people who want to get better CTR, more sales and those wondering whether to buy the Squidcrafter program.

How Does Squidcrafter Work?

Squidcrafter is a piece of software that can help you make amazing looking Squidoo lenses really easily and quickly. It allows you to put your contents into boxes or templates which give a really stylish look to your lenses, without having to use html (it does that part for you). It works by opening a window of Amazon.com and then you can choose products to sell. Once you have selected them you can choose a template and Squidcrafter will fill out the template with the details of the products you have chosen.

By putting the products and content in raised boxes it highlights them and features them in such a way that will also help your CTR and conversion rates – it will help you sell more if you are making a sales lens, or it will make your contents lens look really good!

It also inserts your Amazon affiliates ID automatically into the html created by the program, so that you get the commission from any products within the Squidcrafter template that are clicked on from your lens. With some of the other box building tools the creators of the tools keep a percentage of the sales, so bear this in mind. This does NOT happen with Squidcrafter. Once you have purchased it that is you done and you get to keep 100% of your commission.

The Squidcrafter software program is so easy to use. You don’t need to know any html or anything as it does it all for you. It comes with an instructions manual and video to really help you use it to it’s full potential.


Want to see what a lens created using Squidcrafter looks like? Click on the link right below:
And here is a normal Squidoo lens:
Notice the difference between the two? Go ahead, compare them.

So What Are The Advantages Of Using Squidcrafter?

 So you may be wondering why you can’t just use the Squidoo Amazon modules, or even build your own boxes using html, or using the box building tool at Squidutils. Well you can. You can choose any of these options. And what I found is that the lenses I have made using Squidcrafter REALLY stand out. They look better than my other lenses.

There is nothing wrong with using the basic modules that Squidoo offer to build your lens, however if you are ready to take it to the next level and make your more professional looking lenses, Squidcrafter can help you do that. The products featured in a Squidcrafter template line up better, as opposed to the pictures all being left aligned as they are in a Squidoo Amazon module. Also the raised boxes help the products to stand out. All this helps to improve your reader experience and CTR and ultimately that leads to more sales.

Squidcrafter also takes away the need for copying and pasting ASIN codes from Amazon to Squidoo, as it is all done within the Squidcrafter software program. The Squidcrafter software program looks EXACTLY like the Amazon interface and works the same way too when searching for products. Then there is an ‘add’ button you can click to add the products you want. Next select your template. And that is IT. Squidcrafter does the rest and organizes the products into boxes and makes it look GREAT! You can choose from the basic Squidcrafter templates which offer black, green or blue borders around products and you can choose 6 boxes for your Amazon products or 1 feature box (a lot like the Squidoo Amazon Spotlight module).

 In summary:

> Easy to use
> Improves look of lenses and makes them look professional and neat
> Can help improve CTR and sales
> No more copying and pasting ASIN codes

Squidcrafter Price

Squidcrafter is currently on special offer because it is a new product so you can get a discount. However the price is rising incrementally inline with the amount of sales. So it’s good to get in early.

I bought my copy in February 2013 and it was around $29.00.

Click HERE to check the current price.

Considerations BEFORE buying Squidcrafter

I love Squidcrafter, and I would recommend it to any lensmasters who are serious about making good looking lenses on Squidoo, and also making lenses that convert well. However there are a few things to consider before making the purchase. If you are just playing about on Squidoo and you don’t want to spend any money (or make any), then Squidcrafter might not be a good purchase for you.

Currently Squidcrafter is available on a special discount price as it is still relatively new product. However the price rises incrementally after a certain number of sales are made, so it will be increasing. My advice is to grab it early (time of typing this is March 2013).

The one single thing that I did not like about Squidcrafter is that it needs Java to run. And it doesn’t work with the latest version of Java. This can be annoying as Java keeps trying to update itself. If you find that you do have this problem you can contact Chris, the creator of Squidcrafter, and he sends you step by step instructions of what to do to make it work. This is more of a minor annoyance than anything. However Chris was great at getting back to me and the aftercare and support is second to none, so if there are any issues you will have them sorted in no time.

The version of Java that I needed to run Squidcrafter is jre-7u11. NOT the most up to date version. And I have to say no every time Java asks to update, otherwise I end up with the wrong version again.

To balance out this inconvenience, another huge plus point for squidcrafter is that it takes away all the cutting and pasting of ASIN codes from Amazon, if you are an Amazon affiliate and like to choose your own products over on their site. So it saves time and makes the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NEED TO BE AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE (AFFILIATE) TO USE SQUIDCRAFTER. Otherwise you will not be able to insert your Amazon Affiliate ID to earn your commission. If you are not an Amazon Affiliate you can still use the Amazon modules on Squidoo as you are going through Squidoo’s Amazon account. It’s easy to become an Amazon affiliate. Just click here and sign up for free: Amazon Associates

Your initial Squidcrafter purchase will provide you with the basic templates pack. In this pack you get three colors, black (as shown above) green and blue. You can buy additional template packs quite cheaply, and these include many different colors and themes, such as a Valentines template with red hearts background.

Want To Grab Your Copy Of Squidcrafter?

CLICK HERE to go to the Squidcrafter sales page and buy your copy now.

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