Summer is the Best Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Replacing the Old Water Heater

Most of the
new water heaters are installed in winter and the reason is obvious. Old water
heaters always fail in the winter when the city water is so cold and the heater
must work at full capacity to keep your showers hot. This is why you will see
people rushing to appliances stores to get a water heater in a panic and
contractors working non-stop to get them installed. While you will have little
choice if you are stuck with a dead water heater on a freezing February morning,
a major investment such as buying a water heater does deserve a bit more
planning than calling your plumber and telling him to get you the cheapest tank
water heater as soon as possible. One of the top reasons why people are not
replacing their old water heaters with more efficient ones such as tankless
water heaters is due to this urgency situation where people have no idea about
the available products in the market and no time to do research.

The best way
to avoid the situation explained above is to replace your water heater before
it becomes junk. That will allow you to do some research and planning to
install a better unit and even make some upgrades to your home’s water system
to further boost the comfort and efficiency of the whole house. Efficient and
new water heaters such as tankless water heaters work quite different fron the
traditional hot water tank you have been using. You will need some time to talk
to plumbers and other professionals for advise on whether a tankless unit will
be benficial to you. You will also have to find out what type of tankless water
heater you need. Sizing and other features make a huge difference in tankless
water heaters so you had better know what you are doing before you get one
installed. That is why starting the replacement process before the old water
heater is dead is the way to go.

Summer is the Best Time

The question
is when to do all this. Honestly, the best time to replace an old water heater
is the summer. This is when most people have plenty of free time. It is also
when water heater prices hit a nadir. In summer, water heater service people
and vendors will also be idle and they will be more eager than ever to help you
and even offer you discounts as their businesses stagnate in summer. You will
also suffer less if you have to use cold water for a few days while the
installation and upgrades take place.

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