Tankless Water Heater Myth 2: Saving Thousands of Dollars

How much does a tankless water heater save?

This is a very
hard question to answer and in fact, it is so hard that setting out to
calculate your savings to find out how long it will take for the tankless water
heater to pay for the initial investment could be a futile activity. What we
know for sure is that the saving potential of tankless water heaters are a bit exaggerated
by supplier companies and contractors who want to sell these devices. As a
result, people can make a misinformed choice and end up disappointed with the
water heater they get.
What makes a
tankless water heater more efficient than a tank water heater is the absence of
standby losses. Hot water does not sit in tank. It is heated upon demand and
delivered for use without waiting and the tankless water heater simply shuts
down when you close the tap. This does have the potential to save a lot of
money but what many people forget is that tank water heaters are also much more
efficient than they used to be. First of all, both tank and tankless water
heaters can have the condensing feature that lets them sort of harvest the
entire heat energy out the fuel that is burning inside. That makes both types
of water heaters very efficient in using propane or natural gas. Next, most of
the newest tank water heaters are very well insulated. Considering these
factors, it can be estimated that a tankless water heater uses about a merely 25
percent less energy than a tank unit. It will reduce your overall energy bills
but it will take quite a bit of time because it pays for the extra costs of a
tankless installation.

So, Are Tankless Water Heaters Bad?

Tankless water
heaters are great for a number of reasons and efficiency is one of them.
Although, they are actually more efficient that any other types of water
heaters, they will not let you save a fortune so in some cases, looking at
tankless water heaters solely from a money saving perspective can lead you to unproductive
outcomes. What you need to do to enjoy the full benefits of tankless technology is to consider all the aspects of your lifestyle and home and make your decision based on the complete picture

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