The Best First Aid Kit for Hiking along with the Outdoors

After putting in 14 hours of research and comparing the elements of 12 wilderness first aid kits, we believe the very best first aid kit for the majority of people having fun in the outdoors is your Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Backpacker Kit. It’s the best business and layout of any kit we tested, contains a good range of high-quality materials from a reputable firm, and fits easily in a backpack for a day hike or a weekend camping trip.

Our pick

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Backpacker Kit
Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Backpacker Kit

The best first aid kit for hiking and the outside

This streamlined yet well-stocked kit has the best design of any we tested, so that you can readily get the supplies you need.

With a unique layout, clearly labeled pockets, and high-quality materials, the Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Backpacker Kit will be your most effective first aid kit for weekend campers and hikers. Thanks to the kit’s innovative design, you can find what you want easily and quickly. The kit is stocked with items to deal with common first aid needs, and it contains a handbook to wilderness first aid for reference purposes. The Backpacker Kit has enough supplies to pay for the estimated requirements of two to four individuals that intend to be outside for up to four times, and it easily fits into a backpack, and that is why we think it’s the ideal alternative for people planning short adventures.

Adventure Medical has several lines of first aid kits–most with names which are confusingly alike–along with the Day Tripper in the Mountain Classic Series is in many ways much like our top pick, which is from the organization’s Mountain Series (see what we mean) . The Day Tripper includes a more customary fold-out case, is less compact, and lacks specific items like trauma shears. Also, although it offers the same medications as the Backpacker Kit, it does so in smaller amounts. But if our selection is offered, we think the Day Tripper is yet another fantastic option.

If you want a basic first aid kit for patching up minor cuts and scratches, the First Aid Only First Aid Essentials Kit is a fantastic choice. Its elements are somewhat more cheaply made than those of our best pick, but that is to be expected given the cost (roughly a third of what the Backpacker Kit costs in the time of the writing). However, the Essentials Kit has plenty of bandage choices and adequate cleaning stuff for piling minor injuries, it is small enough to fit in a daypack, and you will discover your supplies readily in the clear, open pockets.

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