The Fat Loss Factor – Is It Awesome or Awful?

Should You Bother With Any Fat Burning System At All?

This is a great question.  Before answering that, be honest with
yourself when I ask you if you’ve been successful lately just trying to lose
fat on your own?

Maybe you’ve been surfing around the net to snag some free fat loss tips and have been
watching Dr. Oz or some other TV show where they share a few snippets.

So how’s that been going (be honest with yourself!)

Chances are, if you are still looking for info to piece together your own
system, you might be struggling and not getting the results you want.

Well, the good news is that there are fat loss systems out there that do work
very well.  It’s just that some of the good ones come at a high price. Others
are junk and are just a money grab. 
a huge problem  for most weight
strugglers is not having a solid plan to follow.   
This is an important key to success.

Since the Fat Loss Factor has been an overwhelmingly popular system, I 
decided to take a closer look at it to see if it really lives up to the hype.

Think about this – would you drive from New York city to Los Angeles without a
map if you’ve never driven there before?  Now, if you’ve never attempted to lose a
lot of fat, or you have tried and failed – why would you try to get to where you need to go without a map!

Failing to plan is like planning to fail.  Since your health is also at stake, failure should not be
an option. 

Choosing to find and use a good fat loss program will map out the plan to
follow – hopefully a great  one.  Following a plan will also be a
huge help with keeping you on track and consistent.  Consistently sticking
to a proven system is a big part of fat loss success.


Overview of the Fat Loss Factor Plan

Where did Fat Loss Factor come from? Doctor Charles Livingston, a chiropractor
as well as a fitness and nutrition specialist created this fat loss system to
help his own patients.  So at first, it was only available to them.

After determining his system was very effective because all of his patients had
such incredible results and gave him really positive feedback, he decided to
take this beyond his practice.  So Dr. Charles began to offer his fat loss
system to the world by marketing it on-line via the internet.

Starting the System

The initial phase is a period of detoxing your body during a 2 week cleansing
stage.  Why detox?  Because according to scientific research, toxins in your body make it harder to lose fat. 

Once you’ve completed your 2 week detox is done, you should feel full of
energy.  At that point your body has become prepared and ready for the
main weight loss phase of this program. You will continue to include foods that
part of  a natural balanced diet.  Drinking a lot of water and
incorporating exercise is also part of the system.


You will learn about strength training, interval exercising  and
will how learn to eat less food but more often per day. The foods that 
actually increase your metabolism and help to burn fat will be revealed to
you.  You’ll also learn what foods you should not eat because they will
only attract weight and fat gain.

Stressing Out Switched Off

Something which is unique and  very important to your weight loss success
is stress reduction.  Dr. Charles will teach you how to remove stress from
your mind.  He’ll explain in depth why a stressful mind is a bad thing for
your health and how this can act  as a road block to your weight loss
goal. You will also learn about mind  preparation for losing weight and
why the right mental attitude and motivation will be extremely beneficial to
manifesting your transformation.


Fat Loss Factor Exercises

According to Dr. Charles,  building lean muscle is essential to burning
fat, so you will be introduced to some basic exercise principles for fat loss.
He goes on to explain  how muscle tissue burns more calories than fat
tissue.  This gives your body the ability to burn fat even when you are
not working out.


By working out in sets and  supersets, Fat Loss Factor guides you
through basic exercises that will build the muscle you need to burn the fat.
Once you reach the fourth principle of fat loss, you will discover that the
old, time honored cardio routines are not what you want to do for  your


Fat Loss Factor program urges you to exercise in high energy bursts or
what is called burst training by pointing to scientific research from around
the world. By alternating  between high intensity and low intensity
intervals, your body burns more fat and your workout is much shorter! 


The exercises are set as regular but short 15 minute interval routines
and  have been customized based on your previous workout  history.
There  are three stages, beginner, advanced and expert.

Overall Impression


The program is very sensible and it is totally realistic for you to get
what it promises:

a lean and healthy body that you will be proud of.   


Your goals are reached through the consistent practice of proven fitness
and health principals.  Fat Loss Factor contains guidelines for a quick
plan that can help anyone in any physical condition to lose unwanted belly


From preparing for success to the final principal, Fat Loss Factor
implements a  lifestyle of fitness, eating right for your body, and getting
the mental attitude  that it takes to reach your goal. It is full of
practical, down to earth, solid advice. 

One last thing of special note – instead of just being informative and dry, the
Fat Loss Factor is entertaining. Although this might seem insignificant, it is
a key factor to motivate you to want to go through every bit of information. It
effectively steers you towards using real, practical fat loss methods that work
and directs you to avoid weight loss and fitness gadgets or gimmicks that are a
waste of your time and money.


Final thought – this system is not a magic formula that requires minimal
effort from you. You still need to be motivated to lose your fat in a healthy
way and you’ll have to stick with the program. 


I believe The Fat Loss Factor is very worthwhile, not at all expensive
and likely AWESOME!  Anyone who is truly fed up and ready to lose the fat
should have great success with this


For more information and
the chance to download free fat loss tips, click below:


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